Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why can't we just talk about it?

Why can't we - I mean really? I was going to ignore this story because I'm kind of sick of thinking about this topic, but I made the masochistic mistake of venturing onto a comment thread at CBC discussing this bishop, Richard Williamson. I had to read the article to actually learn what all the hooplah was about in the first place. Me being me, I went and dug up what the man actually said, in context, since the media will never do that for me.

Turns out it's this:

Okay. So what?

I'll leave it to all of you to make up your own minds. Yet, please ask yourself this: Is there any other historical event where questioning it is a crime?


nobody said...

Onya Buff. I'm with the Bish. Actually Buff, may I strip down your question? Why should the asking of any question be a crime?

What's wrong with questioning things? Who would punish someone for questioning a thing? And why? What is this thing? An article of faith? What is there to be afraid of?

nobody said...

Funnily enough, Les is in amongst this right now over at his Petri Dish blog.

Magdelena said...

backatcha mate!

You're right - question everything!

Nuthin' wrong with that AT all!!


Penny said...

the whole anti-semetism questioning makes me think of 9/11.that is another situation where we see is is really sacriligious to question the official conspiracy theory.

And isn't it curious how 9/11 questioners, were and are lumped in with holocaust deniers.

which btw only a total retard would go with that logic
or rather that illogic
and yet sadly people do
which opens another batch of questions eh?

Magdelena said...

Williamson is also a 911 denier!!

Doug Plumb said...

I remember seeing a W5 or 60 minute special on this more than 15 years ago. I was amazed and it was my first intro to the holocaust controversy.

Now it is a crime to question it, and many people believe it should be a crime to question it.

Magdelena said...

Hi Doug,

To me, the illegality of even questioning the circumstances around the 'Holocaust' is suspect in itself.

"If" things happened exactly as they say it did - then questioning it should result in the same conclusions: Massive Gassings, 6,000,000 dead Jews. If the evidence can support this no one should be afraid of the questions, and of course there should be no jailtime etc.

Problem is though - some of the evidence has already been debunked (lampshades and the like, non-existant gas chambers in may of the camps within German borders, the lowering of the Auschwitz death toll by 3,000,000 etc.). So, does this not bring other 'evidence' into question? Of course it does - but we aren't allowed to ask.

I lost family at Auschwitz, yet still I would like to know exactly how - were they gassed? Did they die of disease? A bullet to the head? Sadly - I can't query can I?

It's beyond ridiculous and only makes it look like 'they' have something to hide. It serves no public good at all.

Anonymous said...

I just tried to post a comment on the Talmudic news blog for yahoo news today. What a joke . Yahoo is screening all comments and if it does not toe the Zionist Talmudic line then it is not shared so all readers of Yahoo News.

Still not getting the truth: Vatican: Holocaust denier must recant > comments on the story>

Sorry I needed to vent somewhere.

Bishop Richard Williamson is the only one who is articulate on this topic I have heard 0 from the Zionist side and the brain dead who do not care to research the topic.

I hope there is no Talmudic Zionist screening on this blog.

ok Publish and lets see :)

ZionistSlayer said...
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