Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm starting to like this guy - Richard Williamson on 911

You go Richard!! Keep the faith, keep the truth and keep being brave!!!!


Penny said...

soo he is not afraid to think and question.

good, good.

nobody said...

My question is - why didn't the church pile in and say he's got a point? Why did they all cough and make excuses?

Hmm... thoughts fill my head and I think it is good grist for the church mill. If you know what I mean.

ciao ciao

Magdelena said...

No organisation such as the Catholic Church wants the real truth spread around. They don't like questions - or those who ask them.

Looking forward Nobody, to your take on this - will visit the Church tomorrow to see!!

I think this guy DOES have a point (not just his hat) - on both 911 and the Hollowco$t.