Monday, January 19, 2009

Exiled to the Nether-Cyberlands

Hey folks, while I know there aren't too many of you lately who are following my blog, it seems that now I kind of know why.

A few days back, well maybe a week or so or longer... not so sure anymore, I was wondering why suddenly I was getting no hits. I realize I am just another little voice in the darkness and don't really post all that often, but surely I would be able to google this blog and find it. Well - I couldn't. I put in exact titles to articles posted here and nothing - nada, zippo, bleat.

Hence I conscripted by fellow blogger, Penny to conduct a small experiment. She took one of my articles, used the title and posted it to here blog. This article was one of the ones I used to try and 'find' myself. Lo and behold - I certainly found Penny when I searched!! Yet sadly - not me!! It confirmed my musings that I'd been tossed to the bottom of the cyber dust heap.

So, I filed an abuse report. I have not heard a thing back, granted it was only a couple hours ago, but oddly I can now find myself on google again.

It's a mystery. And one I will be keeping my eye on.

Thanks again to Penn, who was a darling to help poor old befuddled me out.

Edited to add: As of 8:46 ET I cannot google this article's title. It does not exist.


the Silverfish said...

Strangely I have had no problem finding your blog, but for whatever reasons just have not commented.

Magdelena said...

Silverfish - typing in maggie's musings does indeed get you here.

However - searching using keywords or article titles shows NO results.

Thanks for popping in.

I am oddly still alive... wonders never cease

Skye said...

I read that stuff you put in Penny's blog about having disappeared. It certainly is an interesting situation!

I do hope you have found yourself, or if not, that you do soon, it's terrible to be lost :)

Doug Plumb said...

A similar thing happened to me. friends complained that they couldn't get my email. One managed to send me the "bounce" report and it said that the email I was to receive contained restricted words. I emailed that ISP to complain, asking for a list of these restricted words. I believe I am receiving all the emails now.

Brian said...

I did an experiment. I searched Google using on an exact phrase from your blog. The phrase:

"I decided to look into what happened to Lee Kaplan"

I did the search with the quotation marks included. This is supposed to narrow the search results.

The results were:

Your blog showed up as #1 on when I clicked the radio button that says "from the web."

But when I searched with the "pages from Canada" button enabled I got a bunch of irrelevant hits and your blog was not among them.

Blame Canada!

Magdelena said...

Thanks for piling in guys, I feel less lost!


It seems now that I can actually find my writings (sometimes) via google search using keywords and exact titles.

I have no idea whether my email reporting 'abuse' made any difference - though I did notice that not too long after I fired that off, I could 'find' myself again - and I am getting hits from around the world once more!

As I stated, I know I'm not 'high traffic', but for a while there I was NO traffic, apart from the regs here who also post at Nobody's and Penny's blogs.

Now I have some hits directed to me via searchengines.

I hope whatever this was is over.

Oh, and I haven't heard a think from google blogger abuse.

Ta again!


Oh and Brian - yeah I tried that too a couple of times. Some success, sometimes not.

Odd world we're living in, since I certainly don't think my blog is in any way whatsoever 'subversive' or 'hateful'.


nobody said...

Don't get me started on google, Buff. I find very little about it that makes any sense at all. I get all sorts of weirdnesses -

- half a dozen searches arriving all in one day from all over the world with some obscure word that no one has ever searched for before.

- searches arriving at me, the precise address of which I go to minutes later and I get no results for me at all. Even their search enquiry with the word 'nobody' added doesn't get me.

- actually this one is phrase specific - Do you know how many people search for 'impossible riddle'? It's nuts! Every day I get half a dozen. What do they want these people? Who the hell looks up 'impossible riddle'? Weirdos.

Otherwise I'm about to declare defeat on my most hated search subject, the dreaded 'hitman 5'. I'll sling it on the front page and you can have a read.

Skye said...

Maggie, I thought you may be interested in this article. I don't know how to add links here, so I just copied and pasted the addy. I hope it works for you!

The following is a copy and paste of the last paragraph of the above article, and explains why I think you'd be interested. Cheers:

We'll forward this text to all internet and anti-censorship organizations. In the meanwhile, we ask our readers to send us (at the following address < URUK@INTERNET-FREEDOM.ORG > ) notice about all cases of censorship carried out by google : of course we will publish them on our website.

Penny said...

hey maggie, if you get a chance pop over to my blog, you gotta see what the poser/losers have been posting.

what idiots

Magdelena said...


That was just way too funny! LMFAO!! ROTF!!

You simply must keep that up there - heck highlight it!

LOL again!

For any latecomers or just curious:
Muslims Against Sharia @ Penny's Blog

It's a hoot!!

nobody said...

Well I went back Buff, but only because you said so. But you're right it was definitely a laugh. He made such an arse of himself, didn't he?

Anyway I'll just let him slide off into oblivion. It's not like he doesn't deserve it.

And as much fun as it is heaping scorn on such a worthy target, the flipside is that he loves the attention. And like I said somewhere or other, I'm not here to give them what they want. The only thing I ever concede them is the right to have the last word. But then again, I tell them to do it, so when they do do it (if you know what I mean), who's jumping through whose hoop?

Magdelena said...

Skye, thanks - I've been following what was going on with uruknet - one of the few gathering sites for good reports on the Iraqi massacres.

google certainly has abandoned any idealism they may have had.


Magdelena said...

Hey Nobody!

I never realized I had so much power over you!!

Buffy the Boss

ha ha

nobody said...

Buff, you didn't know? I'll prove it to you right now. Just click your fingers and watch how nobody jumps! Ha ha ha, thank you thank you.

What's that loud groaning noise I hear? Is somebody unwell?

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