Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Norman Finkelstein at U of T Mississauga

This is Part 1 of Norman's lecture at the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus.

You can listen to the rest here

Thanks Norman!


Penny said...

I am going to give it a listen
thanks maggie

I have a good interview I am going to link to over at my place, so give it a listen when you can.

Did you hear Finkelstein on democracy now, with that Israeli Ambassador??

He calls Finkelstein a spokesman for terrorists

Finkelstein kicked his ass anyway

Magdelena said...

Listening to Lendman now Pen, thanks!! Not much else to do with my car caput and the frikkin' snow falling like a wall of white.


It's too bad you couldn't get up to Mississauga to hear Norman speak - he really is even better in person!

Doug Plumb said...

I had to miss going to see this. I will listen to it though.

Magdelena said...

Let me know your thoughts and don't worry he's in TO often enough - catch him next time. He gives a truly inspiring talk.