Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Addicted to Destruction

I think I have solved it, Israel is addicted - addicted to the monies given her by the US and others, addicted to the violence she provokes from others and the destruction she metes out to anyone in the vicinity. What would she do if she couldn't play the eternal victim? Really?

From time immemorial, she has been the downtrodden stateless group, kicked out of almost every land she found a home in. Not always at the beginning - but eventually mistrust and hatred grew in the native's soul and they had to leave. This is repeated over and over again. Why?

Here's a little story, a man goes into a bar and ends up getting in a fight. Never before has he had this happen despite going into thousands of bars throughout his life. From this, one may conclude that this particular bar had some seedy fellows and would be best to avoid in the future, and that this man is probably an alright bloke. Good conclusion. However, we have another man who gets into a fight in every bar that he goes into - all of them - he can't seem to help himself and provokes violent reaction whichever venue he chooses to patronize. In this case, it's clear that the bars aren't the problem - it's the man. And so it is with the 'Jews'. Now, I won't include all of them in this scenario - just those with enough coin to enter the bar in the first place, the ones with enough influence to be allowed in the door in the first place. The ones who are flush with the cash - hence the barkeeps let them in, hoping to win some of that lovely shiny metal off of them. Well, that lovely shiney metal comes with a price - often blood of the other customers. This can be tolerated for a while as the barkeep is making good coin, but sadly his customers soon dwindle and he is left with the nasty bugger and a few of his cronies being the only patrons left. They buy his bar, and end up kicking him out.

And so it goes... on and on.

History repeats, and those who pay no attention repeat it over and over again.


Penny said...

lol, very good analogy.

But you know, it isn't the one guy who always finds trouble, it is everyone else, right??

btw: have you been at Norman Finklesteins site lately?

Someone wrote the most over the top letter about the Madoff scam, and Finkelstein responded.
If you have a moment check it out!

Magdelena said...

Hee, hee..

You know I am not the one to usually lump all folk under one banner - but until the Jews can rid themselves of their elites (who have NO problem sacrificing vast numbers of their own) I divest themselves from the actions of Israel, they will experience another hate fest.

Norman is a brave man - but let's face it - he has nothing left to lose. They've already taken everything they can from him. Except of course his honour - he must drive them nuts and good on him.