Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Step Over the Line...

I am feeling hopeful today. That is not a common occurance with respect to the World's Misery which lines our media on a daily basis. But today - I do have some little flicker of hope. Why?

Israel has taken one step over the line.

This time, this event, this massacre is too big for her to cry victim, too big for her to simply make it 'go away'. This time, with the inhuman deaths of over 1400 people, thousands physically wounded and over a million forever scarred psychologically, she cannot retreat to her usual victim status. Nor can she expect the already biased press to help her out - this time it was just too terrible, too monsterous for the PR boys and girls to save her.

Yes, she's been brutal in the past - from Dier Yassen to Sabra and Shatilla, from the Checkpoints in the West Bank to the brutal pounding in Lebanon - but this time - this time is one too many. This time - in front of the world she has truly shown her bloody hands, her dripping fangs and her overwhelming bloodlust and hatred. Israel cannot come back from this. It will not wash, too many - including many Israelis and Diaspora Jews - have seen and heard the cry of those still living in Gaza. Too many know now, the gate is opened the horses are running and it's too late to put them all back in the stable.

This is good. And way past time for a rEVOLution!

I'll leave you all with a little song, thank you Doug for reminding me - one of my favs from years ago:


nobody said...

Have you guys been reading xymphora lately? He's always worth a read but his last one was hardcore.

Penny said...

hey maggie , saw this band open for aerosmith in TO.

good song, brings back the memories
thanks for it.

and yeah, Israel did take it to far, and now.. there is no going back