Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Censorship of Opinions

The Globe and Mail (henceforth the Mop and Pail) has been censoring and barring all commments on anything Israel for some time now. The other day I saw a lone comment on one of the Gaza articles. It was from the editor stating that now NO comments will be allowed for any piece regarding the Mid-East.

What was happening was that since the Mop and Pail's editorial board was censoring all feedback on articles about Israel (nothing new there) people were going into other articles and posting there instead. Sometimes about the Gaza Massacres, othertimes simply pointing out the clear bias shown by the Mop's Controllers.

I am wondering however if it was criticism about Israel and her abbhorent actions regarding those in Gaza and the West Bank, or was it something else? Often, these comments would include calls for the annihalation of every Muslim on the planet - and always called for by fervent apologists for Israeli War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

Is that why the comments were shut down? Were the Apologists looking just a little too NAZI like?? I think I might be onto something here.


UPDATE Globe: You Told Us What you Think

Well just to take this farce and really make the Ed. Staff at the Mop look like complete elitist assholes - go check this 'fully moderated' chance they gave us peons to 'voice' our opinions!! LMAO - how frikkin' kind of them!!

Pay close attention to the warped reasoning skills of Mr. Sheppard... no his name is no pun... apparantly.



Penny said...

so the globe and mail saved the rest of us from knowing just how evil the apologists are?

wondering? who pays for the play of their tunes?

or in this case, their protection?

Magdelena said...

Like another sort of place we know, the Apoligists can become very disturbing....

Calls for nuking and killing vast lots of humans and wiping the slate clean were coming overwhelmingly from those posters who were rabidly Pro-Israel.

I think it got to be a bit embarassing.

As for who is paying them, well no doubt that some of them are, others just do it, perhaps they have megaphone, from giyus.

I have to say though, it's been an interesting farce to watch.

nobody said...

Hey, do you guys ever read the comments in Israeli newspapers like Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post etc? It's unbelievable. If these were publically aired in the West everyone would know precisely how racist, genocidal, and frankly insane the Zionists are.

I'd even be prepared to bet that the newspapers of Nazi Germany would have come a distant second in terms of vitriol.

Magdelena said...

Indeed, but hey at least they ALLOW umoderated comments!!!

I am pretty much convinced, now that I really think about it - that the real reason afterall was because of the Zionist's remarks - sometimes they were really awful.