Monday, January 19, 2009

What happened to Kaplan's site?

Well, thanks to Dee I decided to look into what happened to Lee Kaplan's wonderful site Stop the ISM.

According to Lee himself, his hate site was a victim (oh surely not another victim??) of a DOS attack by the International Solidarity Movement.

Okay - well let's just see what Kaplan says here:

A DOS attack was just made on Stop the ISM's and DAFKA's websites that temporarily brought the sites down but they will be back. Just as with Israel,the animals of the Palestinian movement and their EU anarchist buddies can have their day, but the anarchists in Gaza with Hamas should be afraid to look up into the sky because the Israeli Air Force is coming to get them. Actually, a member of the ISM has provided invaluable information for the $25,000 reward we offered for information on how to target Vittorio Arrigoni and the other ISM tools there in Gaza and right now. Anther good note was the Gaza flotilla ship was also turned back by the IDF NAvy as it should have been from the start.

Well, vitriol and name calling aside it seems that Mr. Kaplan has no plans of stopping his call for murder.

Fanatics are all the same.

Edited to add:

The folks over at Muzzlewatch have been keeping an eye on Kaplan for a while now.

While I suspected it, now I know for sure, Kaplan was indeed behind the infamous Massada2000 site, where a SHIT list of over 7,000 jews was posted, often with personal info, encouraging others to make their lives hell. BTW - SHIT stands for Self Hating Israel Threatening Jews.

No I'm not making this crap up.

Perhaps folks like him are part of the reason this blog has been sent to Cybernetherlands.


Penny said...

hey maggie:

I went over to this Lee Kaplans blog, and can I say, someone is taking him to task very, very well...

I like it, I like it

Lee Kaplan said...


StoptheISM does not call for murder. The ISM people in our articles were working closely with Hamas in combat zones in the midst of a war. They were providing ambulances as cover for terrorits. They had an option to being targeted during the war--they could go home. Note we did not urge the assistance to the IDF of terminating ISMers inside the West Bank. The ISMers in Gaza are openly assisting terrorists who murder Israelis in southern Israel.
You do not serve the causes of peace, civility or the sanctity of human life by failing to see this difference. Instead of expressing opinions on things you know little about, go read the Hamas Charter and discuss that on your site. The ISM is working to help Hamas implement that document. By the way, the ISM illeaglly attacked our servers and we will be up again soon with a new revamped website at

Penny said...

they were providing ambulances for cover, were they??????

that sounds like bs to me

unsubstantiated insinuations.

much like Hamas was firing at us from the school.

NOTE: Israel backed off that bullshit.

oh and btw Hamas wants a two state solution, you should update your facts

Magdelena said...

Wow, I missed you Lee!

Well... not really. Keep up the good work, as you show everyone what it means to be pro-Israel - just as the fundy clerics and priests show us all how loving the other two Major Lies (read: religions) are.

You have called for murder. It's simple and plain. I've exposed that here.

Keep it up! I'm happy that lunatics such as yourself are around, you and all the others are the greatest enemies of Jews everywhere - and I'm not talking Zionists sweety - different animal entirely.

Have a nice day and please feel free to spew your horseshit anytime here! The more of your drivel and the more folks will see that your stance is simply inhuman and maybe - just maybe they'll realise you don't speak for all Jews (Now that would be great).

Ciao for now!