Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is up with this pic? (Not to mention the story itself...)

Do the heads in the background not match those in the foreground? I may be wrong but there is something about this photo that screams photoshop to me.

This is on the CBC's world section website, along with this article:
Fake Terror Plot Threatened Obama Inauguration

Is Michelle's tongue sticking out??

Why now?


Doug Plumb said...

They need the police state because environmentalism has failed. I believe that environmentalism is an total failure, its been poisoned by the truth and truth only grows- it can't be killed off. They need the threat of terrorism.

(Also the flu fraud was stopped)

I'm betting that more and more terrorist attacks will occur this year.

I agree on that top photo, the background people picture was taken outdoors, the foreground indoors. Then it was photo shopped.

nobody said...

Um... I don't have a problem with it myself...

Magdelena said...

It might be nothing, as I stated, but the heads to the left of the pres. just look off to me - there seems to be too many and the colours seem odd - like the big headed old guy and the tanned middle aged one - then there's a slice of another old guy behind... just looks wierd to me.

Magdelena said...

Doug, I agree - swine flu was a dud, clearly the earth is not warming due to CO2 - another dud.

Clearly, they need more terror - though the script writers seem to be running pretty low in the creativity department.

Penny said...

fake terror plot?

so if it was a fake terror plot, why play the card at this time, other then for the game of fear?

Doug Plumb said...

Maggie, Its part of the insult to make the terror plots ridiculous IMO. I believe its all a psychological assault more than anything.

Scientology did a movie about psychiatry and how they will be the new gods. I suspect they may be directing this. Its so easy to corrupt and use the self governing professionals. They are the most useful tool of the depopulationist/nihilists.