Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ron Paul Interview - Russia Today

I am consistently and pleasantly surprised by the level of journalism coming from Russia Today. Their interviews are far more indepth than the majority of mainstream productions here in North America. The CBC herself, who used to be well known for their journalistic integrity, has in recent years become a tarnished patina of its former self parroting and towing the corporate line in all they do - even the investigative reports which may intend to 'shed light' on the dark corners of corruption and outright crime within the 'white' collar world always hold key points back, and often are guilty of misdirection.

Now, I am not saying the RT is some kind of 'super' news and singluar truth tellers, yet the level of discourse is certainly superior to much of what we are fed.

Enjoy this interview with Dr. Paul - as usual this man is bang on the money. And to think... he could have been president.

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Doug Plumb said...

I like Ron Paul and I do agree with him more or less on many of the issues, sometimes I think his reactions should be stronger, other times weaker.

I don't really agree with the socio-political ideas of the general patriot community such as Paul, Alex Jones, etc. Joel Skousen has written a new constitution which I have not yet read.

The old America isn't coming back, and the new USA is totally corrupt. I don't think the old America can work in a modern age because God is dead (modern crisis) and because gold/silver is gone. A return to the constitution would work very well in the short - midterm, but in the long term, entropy would set in and a new tyrant would emerge.

I think this is why the patriot movement isn't bigger and doesn't have members with more clout. I think its a red herring to prevnt people from thinking about the real socio-political problems of the 21st century and the Modern Crisis.

I don't think there are any real answers yet, but I like Paul because if they did get the constitution back then more brain power could be used to solve the real problems before entropy set in.

The fundamental problem is that our Christian ethic is a folly, like ethics itself, without God.

If you look at murder for instance. It is illegal because our Gods object to it. Without our gods we revert back to natural law and natural law and modern civilization do not mix.

Its too bad we have scientists working on global warming and phoney "economics" rather than the real issues.