Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scuba Cat

This is just too cute to pass up.. yeah I know another 'fluff' piece - but where would we be without a little levity?


Doug Plumb said...

This guy should be institutionalized.

Magdelena said...

Why? It didn't seem to bother the cat, he wasn't hurting anyone...



Penny said...

I cannot believe that cat even likes the water! At all?

My cat has a fit over water.

oh she'll drink it out of the tap, but, that is it. If she get's any on her, totally miffed.

Magdelena said...

I thought is was totally cool. Pretty neat cat.

As you know, Marshall the Killer loves playing with the hose, gets totally soaked and doesn't seem to care - still though, I can't see him sitting still to have that contraption placed on him...

Anyway, it was a lark post... just some levity and oddity.

Now... C'mon Doug, why on earth lock the guy up??


Doug Plumb said...

I've had a cat when I was a kid- tried to get the cat to do lots of things. After a while the cat just gives up and goes along with it.

Whats the point in scaring the hell out of a little cat anyways ?

Maybe I over stated things when I said he should be institutionalized.

Magdelena said...

LOL Doug, what did YOU do to your cat??


Still though the kitty didn't look scared or freaked out at all - but the cat loves the dog, so clearly this cat is no ordinary cat.

Though, Marshall will dive into the pond pursuing ducks..hmmmm perhaps he is one who would enjoy a scuba set! (With extra claws)

Thanks, for your clarification - it's all good.

nobody said...

Hmm... we never saw the cat leap into the water. Once in the water a cat will swim, and we saw that, but I don't believe any cat would choose to get in the water. Back when my family had money we had a pool and a cat and that cat would just about turn itself inside out to avoid the pool.

Also if you check that footage, whilst the cat is underwater he never moves. The only time we see him move is when his owner pushes him around with his hand.

All in all I have this cat pegged as 'something other than an enthusiastic participant', if you can dig it.

Magdelena said...

Okay, you boys might be right.

Still, it was a lovely diversion from otherwise depressing and infuriating news items.

I had a cat years ago, Pip, who did go into the kiddies' wading pool on hot days, get soaked then lay on the ashphalt.. so who knows eh?