Saturday, January 16, 2010

Turkey and Israel

Not content with pissing off every single neighbour she has, Israel has managed to outrage the only islamic nation which regularily gives her the time of day without having to be massively paid off, like Egypt. I mean, good grief Israel - must you be such a bitch? Can you not help yourself?

After the frackus of dissing Turkey's Ambassador (presumably because of some TV shows aired in Turkey - that were - wait for it - disemminating 'anti-semetism') human rights group in Turkey have issued an arrest warrant for Ehud Barak, for war crimes committed during the Gaza Slaughter. Barak is to visit Turkey to attempt to 'mend' fences (... uh sure whatever) but could be faced with arrest. I would wager that there will be not apology from Barak, but a reminder of what the criminal state of Israel could likely do to Turkey instead. It seems that 'threats' are the only currency which Israel will utilise - with everyone.

While this arrest would be good news and of course a happy occassion for lovers of justice the world over, I wouldn't be holding my breath that anything will come of it. Rights groups have attempted these sorts of warrants before, to no avail as the governments themselves seem to be scared shitless of upsetting the little prima donna state of Israel. No, we won't see Barak's arrest, but for a moment we can all dream - a little.


Penny said...

hey maggie;

this situation between turkey and Israel bears watching. What is the word, bellwether. The situation there may be a bellwether for change, that I think is coming.

Did you catch the assassination of the media mogus in cyprus?
very odd, indeed.
cyprus, where the turks and the greeks duked it out, why would someone want to stir up cypress?
who would want to stir up cypress?
can't see it being the turks or the greeks?
So turkey and Israel, interesting.
one more thing, did you catch what erdogan said about the arab response to the human rights abuses of the Palestinians.
Israel could not have taken that to well.

Magdelena said...

I didn't see the blurb about media mogul assassinations - I'll look.

I think Erdogan is one of a handful of leaders who calls it like it is wrt Israel.

Actually, I kinda hope that Israel will keep acting like an asshole, heck ramp it up - it serves to shine a light on the true mentality of her rulers.