Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Toronto 18... Countdown

Toronto 18 Informant asked RCMP for $ 15 Million

The fixed costs were listed as:

* Up to $750,000 for the loss of Elsohemy's business.
* $100,000 for Elsohemy's two cars.
* $100,000 for "start-up" including furniture.
* $200,000 in a category that had been blacked out on the document.
* $75,000 for his parents' cars.
* $40,000 for his parents' debts.

They also included $30,000 for his youngest brother's car, $100,000 for startup for his youngest brother, $100,000 for his older brother's debts, $30,000 for his older brother's car and a further $150,000 under another blacked out category.

The documents showed the RCMP compensation package also included offers of:

* Up to $900,000 for Elsohemy's home.
* Up to $40,000 for dental work for his wife.
* Up to $50,000 to cover his debts.
* Up to $300,000 for his parents' home.
* Up to $25,000 for his youngest brother's debts.

Well, that was worth it!!!!!!



Doug Plumb said...

Why not ? Its just paper.

If people are willing to work for the paper, why not ? What harm does it do ?

Magdelena said...

That NOT the point Doug!!


Okay, I think you were being sarcastic?

You do agree that this was a false flag set up, no?

Doug Plumb said...

I completely agree that it was a false flag op and these guys were just dragged along by the RCMP.

What is wrong with these guys asking for that money ?

Doug Plumb said...

I thought this was a settlement of some sort - not money allegedly asked for in return for carrying out the "attacks" - I get the impression that this is the case.

Sorry for being confused and not researching the topic. I'm not fact oriented anymore and I don't follow these individual stories closely because they are all the same. Its always a false flag. Its always a setup. We are always being robbed and others are always being oppressed. The story is always the same.

Magdelena said...

No apologies needed Doug.

I'm just disgusted by the whole thing. None of this would have happened if it weren't for our illustrious RCMP! Providing all a growing 'terror' cell needs!

F*n Sick!!

Penny said...

and it wasn't about the money, eh?

and yes, maggie, there would have been no terror ring if not for the so called 'informants"

Who got the gun, who got the fertilizer, the informants.

Canadian taxpayer dollers need to go to more appropriate outlets, like ah, canadian taxpayers...

Anonymous said...
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Magdelena said...

Hi Pen,

It would be interesting to know the true cost of this little escapade.

Not only the monies paid to the actors, but also the money which was needed for the whole operation - the set up, the police 'investigation', the prosecutions going on now along with the associated costs of imprisonment for all who receive jailtime, the whole KITTEN KABOODLE!!!!


Penny said...

hey was that mubin, lol!!!

no wait rofl!!!

Magdelena said...

No it was just a spam post for some 'investment' plan.

No, Mubin has not dropped in to say hello. Perhaps he is on a bender?

Anonymous said...

Droppin in to say helloo Maggs. btw - benders are overrated, I would know. :)

Simple question for the keyboard pundits:

how can you say this is a false flag op when the plans were in place BEFORE either agent was inserted?

It is therefore, IMPOSSIBLE that the accused were set up.