Saturday, January 30, 2010

Holocaust Rememberance is a boon for Israeli Propoganda

I just wanted to link this great article by Gideon Levy and posted in Haaretz this week:

Holocaust Rememberance is a boon for Israeli Propoganda

"How beautiful it would have been if on this international day of remembrance Israel had taken the time to examine itself, look inward and ask, for example, how it is that anti-Semitism has reared its head in the world precisely in the past year, the year after we dropped white-phosphorous bombs on Gaza. How beautiful it would have been if on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Netanyahu had declared a new policy for integrating refugees instead of expulsion, or lifted the Gaza blockade.

A thousand speeches against anti-Semitism will not extinguish the flames ignited by Operation Cast Lead, flames that threaten not only Israel but the entire Jewish world. As long as Gaza is under blockade and Israel sinks into its institutionalized xenophobia, Holocaust speeches will remain hollow. As long as evil is rampant here at home, neither the world nor we will be able to accept our preaching to others, even if they deserve it."


Penny said...

are there no other holocausts to remember?

The nuclear holocaust in Japan.
The holocaust in Rawanda

Just to name a couple....

Or did those deaths, massive, horrible deaths not get the correct stamp of approval?

Magdelena said...

No, because they aren't kosher.

Doug Plumb said...

The Russian purge was much larger than the German, but never gets remembered. If people like Mullins or Henry Makow are correct then the Stalinist purge was very "kosher".

Magdelena said...
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Magdelena said...

OOPs... rather terrible spelling in my response to you Doug, simply had to get rid of it.

I'll try again:

You are quite correct that the Holodomor and the Purges were certainly Kosher, but they were the other way around - therefore, the DO NOT COUNT!!