Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We are OWNED!!!

Canadian Policy - The Jerusalem Effect

Great article outlining the nefarious backroom deals and treaties we have signed with the Israeli government to the detrement of Canada and our supposedly soveriegn nation.



anarchore said...

Thanks for the link!

Two years and there is still a news blackout on the existence of Canada’s Israel Allies Caucus, an entity that exists within Canada’s Parliament - presumably to guide the government in a pro-Isr-el direction - something which Canadians have certainly seen with Harper’s codling behaviour towards Isr-eli war crimes during the Gaza atrocity.

It is so hard to get news about the Zionist influence on national politics, that Canadians had to get this information from an Isr-eli paper!

Magdelena said...

Indeed anachore, we have a media blackout when it comes to Israeli influence in our foreign policy.

The shift began long ago, truly became entrenched during the Liberal riegn and has been outright tyrannical in the present 'Conservative' condition. It's disgraceful for Canada and an insult to Jews (NOT ZIONISTS).

The CBC years ago used to be much less biased, then Rabinovitch took over and it's become a mockery of journalism with anything regarding the Mid-East, banking, and this so-called 'War on Terror".

Owned? I'd say so.

Doug Plumb said...

WE are not owned. The Dominion of Canada government is owned. We are not a nation, we are a dominion.

WE have un-aleinable rights.

Doug Plumb said...

All "Western" govs have been owned by the international creditors since 1933 - almost any country you can think of thats "western" went broke in 1933.

Magdelena said...

Splitting hairs Doug.

But I see you point, and appreciate that.