Friday, May 22, 2009

See ya Lee Kaplan, or hopefully not...

Well I've pretty much had it with Lying Lee Kaplan.

Seems I'm not the first to be harrassed by this human.

The Dafka website, which roughly translated means, “In your face!” in Hebrew, has an editorial voice much like Kaplan’s and Horowitz’s other projects. They vociferously attack any organization or individual that dares question the United States’ and Israel’s policies. Kaplan and Horowitz prefer to use semantic attacks against those they seek to silence with meaningless phrases meant to squelch all forms of discussion. An example of such a phrase is “stand with Israel.” Although the phrase conjures up a strong images of loyalty, what does it really mean? It insinuates, much like the phrase “support our troops,” that if someone doesn’t go along with what the author is advocating, then he somehow does not “stand with Israel,” or does not “support our troops.” Whenever someone challenges something Kaplan or Horowitz says, their stock reply is “Anti-Semitism!” This couldn’t be more ridiculous since they save their most vicious attacks for other Jews involved in the peace process and for Arabs, who are also by definition a Semitic people.


Great article on not only Lee, but his sidekick Horowitz. Both foaming at the mouth supremecists!

I'd been thinking on what got Lee to my obscure little blog - the only thing I can come up with is that his reward for the murder of other humans holding different ideological beliefs than the extremist position of Lee's was simply ILLEGAL.

It's sorta funny that when Rivero put up the link to Stoptheism, the next day it was down. Illegal - yes.

Anyway, I've tried to kind to Lee, but that blew up in my face. So gloves off. I'll add a few more tidbits later to this post - gotta go now!!

Edited to add this tidbit:
""Not only are peace advocates offended by Kaplan's modus operandi, even other Zionists have criticized Kaplan's methods. On, Alan D. Miller criticizes Kaplan for using links to Masada 2000, a website which espouses the tactics of Meir Kahane, founder of Jewish Defense League and Kach.

Alan D. Miller writes:

If I expect Muslim organizations to distance themselves from HAMAS and Islamic Jihad, I must also expect Jewish organizations to distance themselves from the memory of Rabbi Kahane, yemach shemo. From what I can see on your website, it does not appear that you have done so. Removal of these links and an unequivocal condemnation of Kahanism would be much more persuasive than an equivocal denial of affiliation with the Kahane movement.

Kach and its offshoot, Kahane Chai, were outlawed by Israel in 1994 as terrorist organizations.""


Doug Plumb said...

There are a lot of people that believe that Jews are the chosen people from the bible. I don't know enough about the bible to say whether or not it says that but that is the reality of today.

I really wonder if Jews are being set up. If I was the real power behind this thing I would certainly look to make people blame someone else rather than me.

I think the establishment wants to destroy all religion and all reference to God to destroy The Rights Of Man, this includes Jews.

Magdelena said...

Doug, in my mind there is no question that the Jews have been set up numerous times by their own elites. The refusal of the WZO to accept the plan to evacuate europe's Jews speaks volumes.

Religion itself has been co-opted, in the organised sense there is little spirituality about it. A truly spiritual person doesn't need a 'representative' to tell them what is right or wrong.

So, yeah the Jews are being set up. They're an easy mark.

nobody said...

Well that's been my line for a while now. I can't see any future for Israel apart from that of a sacrifice a la the holocaust. What's the population of Israel? Is it about six million?

With world government as the prize, the banking families (who made Israel but curiously don't live there) wouldn't bat an eyelid at the extirpation of six million.

Otherwise, I was utterly unsurprised to see our Lee completely ignore my points. Well, he'd have to wouldn't he? God forbid that anyone should suggest that Jews are racists.

Lee Kaplan said...

The DAFKA exposed article you wrote about above was retracted due to lies and information in it that was untrue. Simply google
DAFLA Exposed Updated edition.

Of course, WIll Wallace is a fictional person and the real author refused to divulge himself And as is typical with the anti-Israel crwod, the original article
tha was retracted still runs without the retraction on Indymedia.

Please explain what are "Jewish elites"? Are the Saudis and PFLP and Hamas "Arab elites"?

I have to admit your blog has been educational in that while you always claim to be objective and for peace, you readily support the terrorists and their goals to destroy Israel.

Anywy, if you're scared to debate in this forum, don't claim it's because of my "bad faith" or other nonsense. It's because you cannot deal wth the facts.

By the way, Doug Plumb:

The concept of the Chosen People is not one that means Jews are superior to other people. To the contrary: Jews are no better nor worse than other human beings. What it means is Jews are chosen by God to set an example for the rest of mankind through the Torah.
That is, Israel is to be a "lamp unto the nations." This is why Israel snd medical teams even to Islamic contries like Bosnia or Turkey when there is an earthquake. This is why Israel strives to make peace with the Arabs and is helping them creazte a state even while the Arabs insist on destoying Israel.

Honestly, the level of misinformation in here is incredible. You see PA TV calling for killing Jews and you claim it's "Mistranslated" (it's not).
You claim to abhor Hamas but ignore the Hamas charter calling for the annihilation of Jews. And you claim you are for debate but will no doubt censor my commens here then blame me for it.
Nobody: Restate your points. I stoped reading you when you talk about throwing feces on me that has nothing to do with intelligent conversation. The fact is you support totalitarianism and misogyny in the Middle East while living comfortbnaly in the West.

Do you people not see your adherence to the concept of "groupthink"? You all hate Israel and by extension the Jewish people and formulate opinions as Dog Plumb did without even knowing a fig of what you sre talking about.

Magdelena said...

Oh for crying out loud Lee. Stop with the accusations that I hate Israel or want to see her destruction!

What I want to see is her leader taking the 'lamp' role. They don't!!! They set themselves up saying they are the democracy - yet they do in fact occupy antoehr's land!!

I'll tell ya something Lee, just a little about me. My mum was one of the staunchest Zionists I've ever met. Heck we had a framed pic of Golda in our family room, displayed along with pics of us and other family members. I was taught from an early age all about poor Israel, I remember the blue boxes! I recall sticking money into them endlessly! For a long time, I felt pretty much as you do now.

I dont anymore. I see so future in that. We are all humans and need desperately to learn that we are brothers and sisters on this journey. Hurting another only hurts oneself.

I truly do mourn for what Israel has allowed herself to become - due to misguided leadership and to a degree letting herself be used by powers who care not for humanity - but for power and greed. These folks are NOT Jewish, NOT Christian or Muslim and well certainly not Buddist! For them, division and infighting is the recipe.

It is sad, very sad.

Do I think that the Arabs can do no wrong? Of course not - they too in many ways have allowed themselves to be used by those who want strife, want war - it's good business! It's also easier to blame one's problems on others than to take a good long look in the mirror.

So, your constant insinuations that I hate Israel or Jews is simply Full of Shit.

Hating anyone solely based on their ethnicity would be, in effect, hating myself wouldn't it??

Oh but you do agree with labelling Jews who don't agree with the apartheid policies of Israel's leaders as 'self-haters', don't you Lee??

Anyway, what I write here on this little blog - and it is a little obsure tiny blog - is simply my own opinion.

Do I think that the Arabs are lily white?? Of course not. Yet the mainstream press does a good enough job demonizing them as a group - lumping all together and painting them all with the same brush. I will NOT take part in that - on either side.

Note Lee, when I discuss Israel and her actions I am careful about pointing out I am talking about her political administrations and elected leaders. I fully realise that there are many Israelis and Diaspora Jews who don't agree with how she handles things. Do don't you dare say otherwise.

Now, after dealing with you now for the past few days - I am left shaking my head at your arrogance and you misdirection.

You did it again above.

Here read this piece I wrote a while ago:
Israel I weep for TheeI don't hate her anymore than I hate the USA - I feel sorry for the people of both nations - whose leaders have worked to destroy what could have been shining beacons for the world - as both for a time were.

Get your hating head out of the sand Lee - come join humanity and fight the real oppressors.

Or just keep hating Lee. You're good at that.

Magdelena said...

I apologize for the bad spelling in my above response to Lee.

I hadn't had my coffee yet and didn't have my eyeglasses on...


Now I can see all my typos, but eh, I'll leave it as it stands - no matter.

Penny said...

Lee is a fanatic, there is no more to it and no less.

Notice he stayed completely away from the mention of the white papers?

Anyway, look at his behaviour here on your blog, wild accusations, unsubstantiated claims, ad hominem attacks, name calling and not much else, in fact nothing else. He has all the traits of a fanatic.
No one else's point of view but his, everyone else is wrong.
I notice his last post was done anonymously? Why? Everyone of his posts under Lee came up automatically since the comments are free, and Lee knows this.
He used anonymous to be manipulative, to make his claim of censoring his opinion, oh poor me, I had to use the anonymous moniker to be heard, boohoo.

This man is a fraud and a fanatic.

Magdelena said...

Ahhh Penny - but you know my penchant for censoring!!


Perhaps I should start, eh???

What I find rather amusing is that Lee does everything he is accusing others of doing! Projection? Transferral?

I think he needs to see a doctor, or a shaman... perhaps take a nice trip down the LSD highway and open his mind to the wonders of the world - see that we are all just one!

But no, he won't. He has too much hate in him, it's so destructive.

Let's pray for Lee!!

C'mon everyone, send out positive vibes for the Leester!! We forgive him is shortcomings, he is human, he has been misled. It's not us and them - it's simply us.

Today I make peace with Lee. And will plant some more beets in his honour.


Well I have at least, maintained my sense of warped humour throughout these exchanges.

C'mon Lee, show us some love. Show us your soul is not empty and devoid of empathy.

That's the challenge today!!

Doug Plumb said...

re "By the way, Doug Plumb:

The concept of the Chosen People is not one that means Jews are superior to other people. To the contrary: Jews are no better nor worse than other human beings."

Its mis sunderstood by many people, I think everyone interprets this on their own terms. I know someone that has said they would give up their home if a Jew asked for it. This is terrible, but "chosen people" has a lot of connotations.

I really do think Jews are being set up. They are the scape goats in this. Everyone is supposed to blame the Jews. People associate Zionism with Jews when really its mostly Christians and they are the most zealous Zionists.

I doubt the bin Ladens are Jewish, but they are near the top of this. Look at how they were quickly exported from the USA after 9/11.

Magdelena said...

Yes Doug,

The 'elites' or whatever one wishes to name them. The thin layer of society who holds power, whether through banking, corporate ownership or sheer force. The untouchables. They hide, IMO, behind many different 'labels', be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu - whatever. The point being there was and is a very small number of folk who hold extreme amounts of power, they will not hesitate to continue to stir up hatred between groups - religion being a wonderful avenue of division, race being another. Whatever the flavour of the moment is.

What Lee fails to see is that there is a larger agenda operating here - it lacks any empathy for humanity, it seeks only power and oppression, its vehicle is not just communism, or capitalism - it's all and none.

To this mindset it's never 'all for one and one for all' it's 'all for me and all for me'.

This greed driven nature to be is the deadliest sin of all, from which all other sins come. But hey, I'm not a religious person. Spiritual perhaps but certainly not religious.

Personally I find this 'group' thing rather distasteful. We are all one family. No matter which sky daddy anyone feels they need to believe in, or not.

As with any other source of conflict and despair, we need to ask the question of 'who benefits' from the continuance of radicalising the populations of both lands? Or all lands?

nobody said...

Stop arguing Buff, just concede the rightness of a bunch of white Ashkenazis lording it over the hateful, coloured untermenschen. Since you'll never win an argument with him, just tell him he's God's gift to everything and that yes we're happy to be his hewers of wood and carriers of water.

That's who we are in the talmud, isn't it Lee? You're a talmud guy aren't you? Don't worry, we read it and we think it's brilliant.

Lee I salute you! Long may you remain convinced of your superiority over the beasts in human form! Or as we beasts like to say, 'Woof Woof!'

Lee Kaplan said...


This coems as no surprise. I knew you could deal neither with honest debate nor with constructie criticism and that you would censr things.

So fine. Believe it or not, I ave better things to do than engage a groupthink movement which supports
misgogynists, dictatorship, anti-Semitism and, yes, unending war against Israel.

You people are best left to yourselves where you can agree with
everything you smear Israel with.
The DAFKA exposed article being repeated when it was proven false is just one example.

Maybe one day you will grow up. You "had it with me" because I shot down your falacies and showed you are supporting anti-Semits and murderers, not promoting peace.

Magdelena said...

Hey, Lee - what the fuck did I censor?

I haven't censored anything you lying idiot.

I have asked you direct questions which you (no surprise) REFUSE to answer or clarify?

You know the 'nazi' comments???

All you do is call names and make false accusations.

Show me Lee, what and where I have censored you - otherwise shut the fuck up asshole.

Penny said...

Take it easy on him Maggie, that last post was soo mispelled. I am thinking it was possible he was impaired, or maybe he took the suggestion you left at my blog??


"Purple haze all in my brain

Lately things just dont seem the same

Actin funny, but I dont know why

scuse me while I kiss the sky"

can you hear Jimi's guitar?

All you did was attack people here, and make bogus claims. It is all here for everyone on line to see.
so why oh why would anyone
a)take you serious?
b) waste any more time with ya?

Run along,hang with those of your own ilk, you know people who offer rewards for harm to others.
You know the fanatic types?

Penny said...

Hey, but it has been entertaining, not much else, but entertaining.

Magdelena said...

It's not often I lose my temper like that.

I swore - more than once!!

He's just a very aggravating person.

It has however, been somewhat entertainling - but it got old fast.

I don't think LSD effects one's ability to spell. I think it's alcohol.


Have we driven poor Leester to drink????


nobody said...

You dreadful women! Now you've been rude to Lee and he's gone off in a huff. And he was only trying to have a sensible discussion about the rightness of killing Palestinians. And to make peace! Poor misunderstood fellow!

Don't worry Lee, I understand you mate! You are a king amonst men and I for one would be happy to be a slave to you or any other Ashkenazi you care to mention! All the best!

Lee Kaplan said...

You censor by refusing to debate. You accuse me of making ad hominem attacks (show me where) and of
"lying" (show me where).Your links are all anti-Israel groups and sites that actually do lie as my articles ahve attested. You accused ISrael of water confiscation when Israel provides water for the Arabs. You may be of JEwish descent but so were the Kapos and Jewish Police in Warsaw and your dissemination of propaganda (lies) for so many anti-Israel groups is no better. Finally,typos are not indicative of a deranged mind, but supporting terrorist goals to dismantled Israel via lies is deiitely a sick way to advocate for peace. Maggie,
if you can't stand the heat of debate, go live in the Palestinian Authority for a year and then come back and wrie in here. Be sure though to tell the Palestinians that you are "Jewish." Try carrying a sign also that says stop terrorism against Israelis and see how long you live.

Lee Kaplan said...

Not off in a huff. Since you were the genius who wrote I should be smeared with feces when you could not answer questions that prove the fallacy of your position.

A better description would have been:
ho hum. You can't educate those who insist on remaining ignorant.

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