Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pakistan... am I a swami??

I wrote this last July... just thought I'd bump it too the top again seeing what is going on wrt Pakistan:

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mr. Negroponte

Last year when John Negroponte visited both Afghanistan and Pakistan, my first thought was: Here come the 'death' squads! Expect to see increased violence and roadside bombings, kidnappings and general mayhem! (Afterall that is this gent's forte and history supports this - for both the role he played in Central America and Iraq).

It seems that whenever this POS shows up - civil unrest and 'group' violence escalates - thus resulting in the action which the occupier (the US) had wanted but couldn't quite justify without some kind of 'organised terror group'.

We've seen this all before - it's a wonder that so many don't recognize it for what it is: controlled incitement and invention of an enemy.

Here is a sampling of various articles dealing with Negroponte's visit to both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Make of it what you will - but keep in mind this POS's track record.

And for those here too young to recall, here is a recap of google hits dealing with this 'human's' (and I use that term loosely) history.

Recall, it wasn't long after Negroponte left Pakistan that Bhutto was assassinated. How nice. How coinicidental.. I think not.

Edited to add: for the links of the articles just click on the original story title above


Penny said...

swami maggie of the sneezingest most spewful?

how is the cold?

Pakistan was always going to get it.
Particularly when the soldiers were so conveniently located....

Magdelena said...

cold's a bit better, certainly past its peak..

Yes Pakistan is certainly in the crosshairs - consider what Zardari just said: Taliban is a creation of the CIA (et al)!! He also concedes that Bin convenient is DEAD!! Oh deary me - must demonize, must invade, must create civil unrest!!!

Can we invade now and bomb them back to the stone age????

Penny said...

I think previously I had been telling you about an author, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I had heard him interviewed on Meria, his book BCCI to ISI.
Do you remember that scandal?
I have the book, and read it, really a good read.

well some yrs ago, he on Meri's show said Pakistan was in the crosshairs, they would be attacked.

Here is an article by him at INformation Clearinghouse, it is from Jan 2006.

U.S. Bombs Pakistan: The soul of a nation is fatally wounded

Long Live Pakistan under the US Bombing Raids

He makes it quite clear, Pakistan is under seige.


Magdelena said...

Thanks Pen, gotta go now but will check it out later!

No rest for the wicked, and seemingly for the sneezers either!!!


Buffy - still sniffling!!

Magdelena said...

Penny - I tried pasting your link but it didn't work... would you have the title of the article, if not no worries I will try to find it through his name.

Irregardless, yes Pakistan is headed for trouble.

Obamarahma is Bush in disguise.

nobody said...

Hats off to Buff the Prognosticator!

Magdelena said...

Hi Pen,

I found it here.

Good article, and yes this has been a long time coming. Anyone looking at a bloody map can see the strategical and logistical importance of 'riegning' in Pakistan, for fun profit and joy.

These bastards really need to go. Obama is, again as I, the Swami, predicted - WORSE than BUSH.

And Nobody - yes indeedy I am Buffy the Prognosticator!! And I don't even need chicken entrails!!