Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Genome mapping and gene specific bioweapons

There was an article this morning on the CBC website announcing that the Mexican genome has been mapped. Being the dot-connector I am, as well as a cynic, I instantly thought: Hmmmm H1N1... coincidence?

So, I took to the search engine and found this rather interesting article, tying gene specific weapons to the whole PNAC debacle, as well as the murder for Dr. Kelly along with numerous other microbiologists:

On Race-Targetable Biological Weaponry

Though the article is from 2003, the information within is very interesting. It brings together that disgusting document: Project for a New American Century and all the Zionist Neocons behind the Wars Without End.

Given that the Mexicans fared the worst with this 'Swine' flu fiasco, it certainly leaves me shaking my head.

None of this is beyond the folks who hold power. To them we are all useless eaters, needing a good culling - what better way than with a pandemic, targeting certain ethnic groups.

Maybe I'm wrong - I hope I am - but something really stinks about this whole debacle. If we see a H1N1 v2.0 surfacing - watch out if you have any 'brown' blood.


Doug Plumb said...

Everyone thinks the earth is overpopulated. All this stuff is OK - "better them than us".

"First them than us" is what I believe. We are all better off when we are all better off.

Almost everyone that I have met that isn't awake to all of this thinks the earth is overpopulated - this has to be debunked - it is the most dangerous thing.

Magdelena said...

Indeed Doug. I agree. The overpopulation myth is a very dangerous one.

The true myth is that we should all strive to live like Al Gore - consumerism and overconsuption is the problem.

I am personally missing the shopping gene, the gadget gene and the 'I want it all new' gene. (oh and of course I'm missing the I need a hundred pairs of shoes gene too). Maybe these nutbars will target folks like me, who refuse to FEED the BEAST.

Penny said...

that was an interesting article.

Makes one wonder even more about David Kelley??

And doug, you are so right, first them then us, is how it will be.

Thinking of the torture scandal?
Wait till they bring it on home.