Thursday, April 23, 2009

It Just Gets Worse: Terror Round-up in Britian Complete Waste of Time

Well, it seems that these guys had nothing, hence NO evidence was found by the police to even come near to laying a charge.

I wonder whether or not this was another set up with a government mule to attempt to goad others into 'terrorist' activity - like our own Mubin Shiek. We know the Brits did this with the IRA, we know the FBI did it during the 93 World Trade Center bombings (and of course there is 911 too).

Wasn't it all rather convenient that a photographer was right there, to take that snapshot, which started the whole ball rolling! All at the time needed to divert public attention away from the abuse of power demonstrated by the 'security forces' during the G20, leading to the death of Ian Tomlinson amongst other at the very least non-lethal assaults.

Convenient indeed:

Read on in the Independent:
Police and PM in dock over arrest of terrorist suspects

The case against 12 Muslim men involved in what Gordon Brown described as a "major terrorist plot" amounted to one email and a handful of ambiguous telephone conversations, it emerged last night after all the men were released without charge.

Eleven Pakistani students and one British man were freed after extensive searches of 14 addresses in North-west England failed to locate evidence of terrorist activity, according to security sources. Police did not find any explosives, firearms, target lists, documents or any material which could have been used to carry out an attack.


Penny said...

but, people forgot about the murder of Tomlinson and got scared, come on !!!

And scared is good to fascist governments.

Then you will need them, and they can roll all over you!

Magdelena said...

Yeah, and it works both ways doesn't it?

If folk aren't scared of the 'terrorists' (BOO!!!!) then they are afraid of the 'government'... gee are these words interchangable??

:O !!