Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another failed attempt at Booga Booga

Well, it seems that those nasty terrorists arrested shortly after the death of Ian Tomlinson at the hands of the G20 security personel will all be set free - due to lack of evidence!!

Can anyone truly think that this whole maneuver was no more than an attempt at deflection from the behaviour of the police?

Britain won't charge 12 arrested in Anti-Terror Sweep

Twelve men arrested in a series of anti-terrorist raids involving hundreds of officers across northwest England earlier this month will not face charges due to insufficient evidence, British prosecutors said Wednesday.


While British officials haven't provided any details about what the men were suspected of doing, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has previously said authorities were on to "a very big terrorist plot."

Seems to me that this 'raid' was clearly executed for the sole reason of diverting attention from the misconduct of security officers during the G20. Like many of the round-ups before this, no charges will be laid, so in other words it was a grand farce designed to whip up more booga booga and keep the populace in fear of the ever present Muslim Terrorist.

What a joke.


Penny said...

oops, I posted the same thing this morning.

what a joke eh?

boogga booga and knock the tomlinson story off the front pages.

bait and switch
bait and switch

Magdelena said...

LOL I thought you might, we really must co-ordinate our efforts better hun!!

Still though - it's a sham... WOW!!