Sunday, April 19, 2009

Codex Ailmentarius

This is a presentation by Ian Crane, who I will admit to not hearing of before. It's really quite good and useful to introduce the methods used and danger of the implementation of Codex Alimentarius.


Penny said...

I will catch this one asap.

This was what that bill-c51 was about though, always thought there was a bigger agenda there.

Magdelena said...

of course there is - it also answers why all my Dad's Doctors are reluctant to talk about diet and nutrition as a way to 'treat' him.

That was a big 'zinger' for me - since I've experienced it recently and by various practitioners.

Doug Plumb said...

Codex is the one thing this establishment doesn't want us to think about.

All the other noise about illegal wars, bankster takeovers of government, torture, government corruption, is nothing when the weight of codex is considered. Codex is the death nail to human civilization as we know it.

The best info on Codex is at

Anonymous said...

Good Video,
very informative


Magdelena said...

Hey guys I'm glad you all liked it. I thought is very well done and a great introduction for those who don't know what's about to hit them square in the face.

Penny said...

I am about an hour in and so far, very very good!!!!

Everyone should see this, everyone!

Magdelena said...

Maybe I should link it in the sidebar?

It is pretty good, and he is a clear speaker and ties the threads together very well.

Glad yer likin' it Penn!!


Penny said...

excellent idea!!

I've got a bunch I wanna get around to putting in the side bar.

Anonymous said...

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