Sunday, April 3, 2011

The OIling of America

Worth the time to listen to.


Doug Plumb said...

I eat a pound of butter and a pound of beacon a week. Ain't no witch going to tell me to do differently. Period.

I hate lettuce and don't eat salads or vegetable oils.

Excellent video, except that the poor woman thinks she is a monkey. That comment about "cave men" was a little nauseating.

Magdelena said...

Do you use your bacon fat for anything? I save mine and use it often, flavour is great and one doesn't need very much of it.

I think the conclusions she draws are very interesting. From my own experience while living in Germany, I ate a diet far higher in meats and fats than any other time in my life, yet was the thinnest I ever have been without actually trying to maintain a wieght.

The overprocessed nightmare which our food supply here has become IMO contributes to the ill health and obesity which is so prevelant in our society.

As far as lettuce goes, I do like lettuce and am a big fan of all veggies - I laughed out loud when she remarked "they are a great vehicle for fats!" I tend to agree!!

I LOVE cheese!! (Real cheese though, not some of these pseudo cheeses at the supermarket). Thinking of taking a cheese making course actually!

Glad you liked it Doug, there may be a chapter near you.

Penny said...

hey maggie!

thanks for that one!!

I am going to listen to it, likely next week, but, that is the woman that did those interviews, so yeah!!!!!