Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ontario Court Nullifies Current Cannabis Laws

Globe and Mail

An Ontario court has struck down Canada’s laws against possessing and growing cannabis as part of a ruling that found the country’s medicinal marijuana program is failing to provide access to the drug for those who need it.


Mr. Justice Donald Taliano of the Ontario Superior Court struck down the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations, arguing they aren’t doing enough to ensure patients can obtain the necessary approvals to use the drug. Simultaneously, he ruled two sections of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act – those that prohibit simple possession and cultivating marijuana – are unconstitutional, since they can be used to criminally charge medicinal users who haven’t been able to obtain such approval.

The ruling means the government must either improve its system for licensing medicinal marijuana patients within 90 days, or it will become legal to use or grow the drug for any purpose. The government can, however, buy itself more time by appealing the ruling.

Although the article at source does use the typical smears and jargon in regards to the use of cannabis, this is an important ruling which I believe could go either way. No doubt the government may simply take this opportunity to trash the entire Medical Marijuana (should be cannabis) program, as it is quite likely that we will be getting another Harper minority. Even if we end up with a Liberal minority, it will be the same thing.

I would just like to add that at the time of this posting the only paper carrying this news was the Globe. Forget the CBC these days, they are entirely useless.

A few other msm sites have chimed in on this - hey it sells, what can I say? The overwhelming response within all comment sections is to simply legalise it across the board.

A slightly less mainstream view can be found here:
Cannabis Culture

Whatever it is worth, I cannot see cannabis being legal within my lifetime. There is way to much money to be made from the current corruption of 'natural' law.


Doug Plumb said...

It may have been illegal to possess or smoke marijuanna but it has never been unlawful.

Our law system is based in the devine right of man, not that of kings. Since smoking pot doesn't hurt anyone its not unlawful.

But since the country went bankrupt our attourney politicians have been tricking us with this legal system - which is a system and is lawful - hence "legal system" - into paying fines to the banksters.

If you get arrested and hire an attourney or agree to represent yourself then you have represented yourself as a surety to the banksters rather than a man with natural right.

If you do not represent yourself and prefer to not give up your natural right then you can use your birth certificate as proof they already have the name and can infer any liabilities onto it. Paper for paper. This way you avoid lie-abilities and use your birth certificate as a shield to protect you against infringements on your rights.

The courts assume you wish to give up your rights and be a surety for the debt. They assume so and tell you you must get an attourney.

An attourney is not the same thing as a lawyer. Attourneys attourn things. Lawyers are people that know about the law through study and experience.

Bet you knew you would get a response on me from this post..

Doug Plumb said...

The legal system is based on the devine right of banksters (kings). The judges bench is really just another bank unless you assert your natural right.

Doug Plumb said...

One more thing. Under the law you are accused, under the legal system you are charged - which means they want money.

But for most crimes people do not see the charges and are sent to debtors prison to pay their debt to society. All prisons are debtors prisons. Everyone volunteers to go, I believe the supreme court said this recently.

Its all in the words. They create and manage conflict with words. That is why, in a sense, every attourney is a lying manipulative gutless little money grubbing weasel.

Penny said...

Hey Maggie!

I did hear this bit of news, of course I am of the mind this just needs to be decriminalized completely, but, part of the reason I think it won't be done is pharma.

The gov wants them to have first dibs on patenting it and gmo'ng it.

After that your automatically a criminal if you grow it, have it, have some seeds, you know like they have done with all the other gmo plants

Magdelena said...

Hey Penny, I agree, the government doesn't want to touch this with a ten foot pole. Not only because of pharma (which is part of the reason of course) but also: oil, textiles, paper, biofuels, plastics etc; police budgets and of course the war on terror!

The whole reason why cannabis was made illegal in the first place was vested interests of fledling global cartels. Hemp was in direct competition with many of these industries, all with powerful political backers (read stooges).

Just think, a plant whose varieties offer us clothing, paper, energy, plastics and pain control and relief as well as a simple relaxing buzz far less toxic than alcohol! I know it is not a fix all for every problem, but c'mon folks!!

Oh it is also useful in bio-remediation.

Crazy mixed up world eh?

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