Sunday, April 17, 2011

Helen Thomas Playboy Interview

Just thought I would stick this here for posterity's sake:

Playboy Interviews Helen Thomas


Doug Plumb said...

Is this the woman that asked Billary those uncomfortable questions on the white house lawn regarding FEMA camps ?

Magdelena said...

No this is the woman who asked point blank about which country in the ME DOES have nukes.

The's also the woman who holds the record for being a member of the white house press corp and until Bush was seated firmly in the front row. This is the woman who the Obama admin got fired for daring to speak out about the inordinate Israeli influence in US politics.

This woman is a hero, and honourable human and she is sorely missed. This woman had integrity.

Doug Plumb said...

Courage and character are rare among those in powerful positions. Its fundamentally why many of them are in powerful positions. Those who can think or have courage have little opportunity in today's establishment.

There are few but others who stand with her. I think Dennis Cuddy is closest to the actual political truth than anyone. I think you (or anyone else) would find his interviews on (Dr. Stan) fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I'll check that out Doug. It is not the best interview, but at the least Playboy talked to her.

It's disgusting how bias all of our media is, not surprising mind you but still abhorent.



Doug Plumb said...

Even Cuddy cannot hit the mark, for some reason Patriots are being pigeon - holed into debating politics and sociology.

On a fundamental level, we live in a space time envelope and inside this envelope is dualism. Dualism, good vs evil, defines our existence in every way, love, friends, family, commercially, we dream in terms of good and evil, classify everything in those terms. Everything else is tertiary to good and evil.

The way we deal with evil is that we depend on attorneys to handle it for us. They make and regulate this legal system which is synthetic law. No one really knows anything about it. People assume that the law and the legal system are the same thing. Darkness has covered our experience and we depend on the black robed attorneys and judges to solve our fundamental problems.

No one is seeing this, not Michael Shaw, not Dennis Cuddy, not Jordan Maxwell or anyone else. This is why I am starting to think the whole Patriot movement is controlled as well.

Doug Plumb said...

BTW have you been watching the latest Survivor episodes ?

Amazing - very important even for us and these political concerns. Boston Rob controls everything in the game.

I've watched all of the seasons online over the past 6 months - posted on Project Free TV. But this season is incredible - how Boston Rob runs the show. Best show ever.