Friday, May 7, 2010

Beaver dam visible from space!

World's Biggest Beaver Dam discovered in Northern Canada

Construction of the dam likely started in the mid-1970s, said Thie, who made his discovery quite by accident while tracking melting permafrost in Canada's far north.

"Several generations of beavers worked on it and it's still growing," he told AFP in Ottawa.



Doug Plumb said...

God Damn - or rather - Beaver Damn!

Here is something the beavers have in common with the Chinese, both have erected something visible from space - in the case of the Chinese, a wall, the beavers a dam.

Maybe in ten years we can all start wearing beaver pelts instead of cheap polyester from China.

Leave it to the beavers.

Magdelena said...

I thought this was spectacular!

I can't imagine what these critters needed to go through with the local planning committee!


Penny said...

Hey Maggie!

saw this one in the news, quite interesting and industrious.

btw: mother's day, happy?
hopefully not too hectic