Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good video on Bill C6

Shaun Buckley clears up some of the more nefarious points related to Bill C6


Anonymous said...

Mr Buckley also has some earlier, and very good videos on the site. (Back when bill c-51 and c-52 were threatening our freedoms). I wish I knew what was happening now. I know this bill passed through the house, (all parties equally guilty by the way) and was held up in the senate due to some constitutional issues. An enormous thank you to those senators who stood up for us.
I personally suspect that this bill has been written to place us under the control of the World Trade Organization (New World Order dictatorial government). Codex Alimentarius which is part of the WTO is horrifying. I would urge everyone to google video Dr. Rima Laibow on Codex; Dr. Ian Crane on Codex and Dr. Robert Verkerk. Then just for a little more eye opener, check out the US bills HR 875 and S-510. Canada seems to rubber stamp any bills passed by the US. Even seems to pass laws to implement them before they are pushed through the US.
Police state authoritarianism on the way folks! Gun control and all. In my humble opinion, EVERYBODY MUST FIGHT BACK NOW!
Please take the time to view the recommended videos. Thanks for helping to protect our freedom, our children's freedom, and our country's freedom. This is indeed very serious.

Magdelena said...

thanks for the comment.

I have heard ian crane speak and he is very good, though my spidy senses start to tingle with Laibow, maybe it's just the way she presents I don't like.

I agree though, people need to fight back now, because soon it will to way too late.

Talk to folks when you go shopping, chat in the grocery isle - I do!

Spread the word!!

Doug Plumb said...

I constantly talk to people about this, people in the health food stores, I'm finding, are the most ignorant. They have no idea - at least none of the ones I have talked to have heard of codex. The women at the grocery store checkout seem to know- at least most of them.

Laibow sounds authentic to me - slightly less polished than most which gives her an air of authenticity to me. I've sent them money.

I'm one of those unfortunate folks who can no longer watch You-Tube videos. I used to be able to embed them in my blog to watch, now I can't even do that. Many people are having the same problem, You-Tube has NOTHING to say. I think this will spread. I keep getting "An error occured, try again later". It could be slow spreading censorship.

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased when I hear of people actively fighting these issues. When I mention Codex Alimentarius to associates, I usually get a blank stare; like I'm from outer space or something. I first got led into the issue through a naturopathic doctor. Part of his advice was also to avoid genetically modified organisms. To do that, one must avoid processed foods since just about all contain soy, corn, or sugar. That led me to Jeffrey M. Smith and his material. He has a free video on the main page of his web site,
Everyone should take the time to view it - right to the end. He shows slides of damaged internal organs taken during careful scientific studies. If that does not alert people to government and industry corruption, nothing will. They, and their families will just have to suffer the consequences. Shiv Chopra is another brave soul. There are some of his videos on youtube also; one is excellent but you have to patiently wait a minute or so for the audio to clear up. Another real eye opener.
Shawn Buckley certainly said a mouthful when he stated 'gone are the days' with regard to governments working to protect citizens.
May God bless and protect them all.

Doug Plumb said...

You have to watch for the ingredient "Natural Flavours" - it means Aspertame - which was brought onto the grocery store shelves by Donald Rumsfeld - who got it approved after it killed a lot of rats in tests and couldn't get approved previously.

There is one good side to this though - Bill Clinton is well known to drink diet Pepsi.

Penny said...

Hey Maggie, I will check it out, thanks!