Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dalton in Israel

Dalton McGuinty in Israel to talk energy, water

wrt to Canada Dalton says:

"“We’re just the opposite. Big country, small history,” said McGuinty."

What utter bullshit. Israel was created in 1948 - period. Canada was created in 1867. Gee which country has a 'longer' history? Even adding in the supposed biblical rule of 70 years and it doesn't even match. What a stupid comment, which belittles our nation besides being simply untrue. What about the native history of Canada (before she was conquered?)

So what was our dear leader yacking with the Israelis about?

“We ended the meeting by saying that what we’ll do is we’ll put in writing a concrete proposal because there are so many different areas and in particular we want to focus on the brain research, water, energy and renewables,” he said.

Ahhhh, water! They are spinning this in the article to say that WE can learn from them wrt conservation? Oh like the swimming pools in the illegal settlements? So, are we going to ration water to the undesirables of society so the elites can swim to their hearts content? Or are we going to ship our precious resource off to Israel? Give them some kind of water assurance?

How much of this visit has to do with this supposed free trade BS arrangement we have with Israel?

Time to boot this jerk out of office and his bloody brother too.

If you're in Toronto head on down to Queens park on Wednesday:
Province Wide Day of Action - Stop Doing Business with Israel

Perhaps the flavour of his constituency has something to do with this cow-towing and hypocrisy vis a vis apartheid and ethnic cleansing!

Oh, and just so no one thinks I'm only picking on poor little Dalton, the rest of our government (whether Lib or Con or NDP or any other useless entity) is right on side with this sickening Israel right or wrong nonsense:

Parliamentary coalition is calling wolf on anti-Semitism

Great read above detailing the nefarious infiltration of these pro-Israel groups into all levels of our government and their respective agencies! Thanks to Scott Weinstein for writing it and Norman Finkelstein for posting on his blog for me to find!


Penny said...

Hey Maggie!

I was thinking of digging some of Dalton's adventures in israel up.

McGuintly actually made that comment, big country short history?

Doesn't it go to show what morons the political leadership is, in the provinces in the country as a whole?

I read an article on the brain research aspect, of Israeli cooperation, scares the shit out of me.

Since I am absolutely convinced that Israel is the single most mind controlled nation on the planet.

Of course, are you familiar with the leader for the cons?
He is a total dolt.
(can't think of his name, but, I can see his face, he is from this neck of the woods, well more to the south, gods country and farm land)
His riding is dominated with born again christian churches, very rural, he will cave to the fanatical christian element in the province.
He is best avoided.

Magdelena said...

Oh Penny, please do dig!!

I agree that Israel is one of the most mind controlled countries in the world, they've had lots of practice at fear mongering their populace for well, thousands of years! Not to mention the elites have NO problem sacrificing their own and then stating: See everyone hates you! Talk about a complex...

Yeah, the brain stuff is frightening, so is the water stuff and the resources. Sorry Israel, it's OUR water, OUR resouces NOT yours - hands off our land, hearts and minds and stay in the filfthy bed you made for yourself.

I can't stand the Mcguinty bros. Never could, even before either of the terrible twosome were in politics.

Same old problem though - NO ONE to choose from. Perhaps the best thing we can hope for is a minority provincial government, with a ban on trips to Israhell.

Doug Plumb said...

If the concept of a water shortage is possible, why not a shortage of gravity or air ?

If Dalton wasn't on the dark side, he wouldn't be a premier.