Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Holocaust Won't Protect Israel Forever

Interesting read in it's self righteous honesty:

Haaretz Oped: The Holocaust won't protect Israel forever

If it were not for these guilt feelings, the Czechoslovaks would not have shipped us weapons during the War of Independence, the Germans would not have stood by our side in all circumstances and situations, and the Americans would not have supplied us with money and warplanes year after year. So it is right to connect Holocaust Day with Memorial Day. They are both the basis for Independence Day.

The world feels guilty because the murder of Europe's Jews was unprecedented in the annals of humankind. There has been no shortage of atrocities throughout history, but a preplanned liquidation according to a well-thought-out program aimed at wiping an entire nation off the earth - that had not yet occurred.

Well, I think that native populations world wide would beg to differ. There's nothing special in the Holocaust TM, it's just one of many examples of man's inhumanity towards man (usually pushed along by the elites of all tribes).

Still, give it a go, it is a little nauseating at times as it blurs the line between Zionism and Jewry, equating the suffering of a groups of mostly innocent people, to the deplorable actions of a rogue regime bent on being the chief bully on the block.


Penny said...

"The world feels guilty because the murder of Europe's Jews was unprecedented in the annals of humankind"

Wrong- mass murder has never been unprecendented, nor did the holocaust set a precedent,despite the spin

'The 6 million were the reason for the UN General Assembly's partition resolution of November 1947'

hmm, no mention of all the acts of terrorism perpetuated by the zionist terror gangs.

"The cruel truth is that no one really cared."


talk about playing the pity sledgehammer. Oh, well it appears this is what the Israelis live for.

virtually ensuring a sick and twisted nation state, justifying all attrocities they commit, in the name of those committed against them long, long ago...

Doug Plumb said...

Israel came into existence because of the holocaust.

Even though the deal was made prior to ww2 (Balfour document), it could never have been given actual public approval and contractual consideration without the holocaust. Take the holocaust away - Israel goes with it.

Dangerous times we live in.

Doug Plumb said...

If Israel fell, OPEC would soon follow, unless the Americans can find another place from which to bomb offending countries.

Oil prices would drop, so would a lot of the corrupt establishment in America. United States could fall and America would be no longer governed by the BAR !!!