Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Organ Grinders

Israel Police uncover organ trafficking ring in north

Police also said that during the investigation they uncovered a large, very well-organized industry of organ trafficking. The ring includes organ traffickers, agents, and lawyers.

"The ring is operating throughout Israel and not only in the north, and appeals to the public through local media and internet," a police official said. "The organ traffickers somehow receive details about potential transplant candidates and they offer them their services," he said.

Well, it's clear this is a problem, despite the angry cries of anti-semetism!


Doug Plumb said...

If you needed a new liver, where would you go ? Who would you call ?

You would call a lawyer because lawyers have special abilities in laundering money (up to $5000.00 at any time doesn't need to be reported to the law society in Canada) and therefore have underground access.

This was reduced from 10 K when lawyers were suspected of laundering drug money back around 2001- 2003. It was in the papers.

To be a member of the BAR you need access to the underground, of course.

What if a slave has that kind of jack lying around ? He must be a terrorist of course, and that money would have to be taken by the authorities until the slave can PROVE otherwise.

That is the difference between US and THEM. And organ sales will always be going on anyways. It could be mitigated, but the technology exists so it isn't going away.

Magdelena said...

The point here is that when the story broke in Sweden wrt harvested organs from Palestinian resisters the cries from the usual rooftops was 'blood libel' and 'antisemetism'.

Yet here we have proof again that these dreadful things DO happen in Israel and sometimes there ARE 'Jews' involved. Even some lawyers for good measure. Clearly these folks are crooks, but since they are Israeli and since they are Jewish no one is allowed to say squat - could you imagine if this was uncovered in say, Iran?

It's the framing of the problem that bothers me.

And Lawyers, eh, just another bunch of thugs and criminals - no surprise there.

Doug Plumb said...

This sort of thing happens in Canada - the Toronto Street News does a lot of Jewish/Masonic reporting - they get harassed by the Jewish lobby. I agree that the Jews do unfairly use this anti-semetism to further their own agendas. Also many many innocent Jews believe it.

I think I am on safe ground if I say that the bulk of organ harvesting comes from war zones, Haiti, Congo, Afghanistan and Iraq + other secret wars. These organs would come into Western markets through the underground. Strong healthy young soldiers leave healthy organs when they die. They probably get harvested from our own soldiers- it would be silly to assume otherwise (remember Vietnam with the drugs in the soldiers bodies). But we would never hear about it.

Since organ harvesting is possible, it must happen. For it to happen often you need a group within society that can operate above the law to affect the commerce necessary to support it.

When it gets exposed in Israel we are subconsciously tricked into believing it doesn't happen elsewhere.

Magdelena said...

When it gets exposed in Israel we are subconsciously tricked into believing it doesn't happen elsewhere.

Doug this is NONSENSE. I don't think anyone would really believe that. Of course it happens elsewhere, and it's all well and good to talk about that - BUT when we state that one of the biggest hubs, if not the top of the heap, is Israeli, then ALL discussion stops.

Doug Plumb said...

I think my statement represents only a possibility that is worthy of consideration.

I think that Israel is being used as part of a grand technique in propaganda. This would explain the whole holocaust thing where they keep on insisting on 6 million Jews, when this doesn't add up- literally.

The purpose of this agenda to cover an obvious truth must be explained.

It just seems that the cat is out of the bag on this organ market thing, now by shutting everyone up, they allow it to run around freely. Same as the holocaust.

I am completely perplexed by the whole Israeli thing. Much more so than anything else.

My ideas are only that - just possible hypothesis. I'm not really convinced of anything wrt Israel, other than the fact that the truth about the holocaust is quite different from the establishment truth.

Magdelena said...

Yes Doug, and speaking as one who lost family in the camps, I agree.

Magdelena said...

You know, I think that Israel and diaspora Jews are being set up again for the cliff.

It's like all this 'special' treatment has led to REAL antisemetism rearing it's ugly head again.

Why won't the media voice the opinions of so many Jews who don't stand by the SLC??

Where is the media telling us about folks like Jewish voice for peace, or Israeli committee against house demolitions, or Gush Shalom, or B'TSelem?

Things are going to get VERY bad.

Why do regular Jews let their leaders behave this way? But then, why do WE let our leaders behave this way?

Hint: Because those in power don't give a fuck about us.

Anonymous said...
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Doug Plumb said...

I used to think that all this that humanity has been experiencing has been the direct result of conspiracy. Now I think that it is circumstance that drives most of these things.

The circumstance is a natural result of civilization itself, being accelerated by war in the large sense ( reading Rousseau right now). Rousseau makes a clear case that the origins of evil is civilization itself and that man is naturally good. (Hobbs who I haven't yet read makes the opposite assertion)

In the particular case of Israel, the circumstance is isolation, both physical and cultural. Israel in many ways is the man outside the crowd that must protect himself by not exposing weakness and protecting himself rather than through co-operation.

This man outside the crowd circumstance was set up deliberately, to set up the Jews to take the punishment for what the Empire does.

The Jews accepted their new "homeland" from the English, but at what expense ?

Thinking along these new lines has made it difficult for me to figure out how Israel fits into all this. Its a microcasm that may expose some grander truths.

I'm still searching for a new model from which to deduce explanations. I have to read Hobbs next. I'm also reading Moby Dick - which is very interesting in terms of its expositions on ethics. One of its main characters is a cannibal.

Everyone has a very bad opinion of Israel, and this cannot be anything but deliberate.

I just think that there is a hidden piece to this puzzle.

Doug Plumb said...

It is the circumstance that is being set up by the rulers (English/Vatican Banksters and BAR) to get the world to shape itself in their interest IMO.

"But then, why do WE let our leaders behave this way?"

We do not, our leaders and their antics are a comic relief in a Shakespearian play. Most people watching don't understand the play but can laugh at the humour.