Saturday, April 3, 2010

Politcal Correctness gone Crazy

I will ask:

Does it make any sense to have a legally deaf person working as a phone operator at a call center?


Doug Plumb said...

Did you ever see the movie "Seven Pounds" ? (excellent movie). Woody Harrelson plays a blind phone order guy who can't read his computer screen. Computers help him with voice emulation of text. Same thing here I bet - but in reverse. If so, why not ?

Magdelena said...

Why not?

Because I couldn't hear a damn word she said. It was fucking ridiculous.

Penny said...

How did you communicate with this person?

It doesn't seem to be realistic at all..

Was it a government postion?

Magdelena said...

no, it was a telecommunications company ;P.

She had to have the volume on her headset up so darn high to hear me, that all I heard was everyone else in the bloody call center!

I'm all for equal oportunity and all but this was totally stupid. oh, and I know she was deaf because she told me she was 'legally deaf'

Doug Plumb said...

Check out the movie "2081" - it can be viewed for free.

Its about equality in the year 2081 and its based on a short story by Kurt Vonnegut - I couldn't read the name of the story on the credits. The movie is a few minutes shy of a half hour long.