Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Patheric Attempt for Sympathy

Holocaust Soap Claim Angers Jewish Groups

Yeah, well so fucking what? First of all, there was no soap made from humans by the Nazis. They did a tonne of horrible stuff, but soap making and crafty lamps weren't part of it.

My guess here is that someone was feeling a little worried about all the bad press Israel was getting, so to follow the blurred line between Judaism, Jews and Zionist Fascists decided to play a little pity game. I wouldn't be surprised if the f*n CJC and B'nai B'rith were behind the whole stupid farce."Hey, quick wave the Nazis and the Holocaust around some more, folks are feeling not nearly guilty and sorry enough for poor us!!"

Fuck gimme a break.


Here is another piece:
Shop owner says "it's my soap and I'll do what I want with it"


Doug Plumb said...

This kind of thing punishes ordinary Jews by forcing them to believe all this. If you were Jewish, would you not be curious to hear what the holocaust deniers have to say ? After hearing and seeing this evidence would you not be tortured by it ?

Nothing is as it seems and the whole holocaust thing, I think is an operation against Jews, not only to make them feel persecuted, but to also control their thinking and isolate them.

Their isolation makes them more controllable, and more corruptable. All this because they are in the unique position of being numbered in terms of a few million rather than hundreds of millions like Muslims, Christians or Hindu's.

The Jewish experience and belief system is very unique. It would be a huge favor to ordinary ones to have the truth come out. Or not - their position now is such that they are still tribal and that gives them freedom from the big machine.

Its such a complex issue, I am confused by the motives of all this. I wonder if Jewish leadership perpetuates this to keep Jews tribal so they don't get eaten by the machine that surrounds us.

Penny said...

hey maggie:

I was reading a comment somewhere, which I thinks sums up the baloney of this story

If the nazis hated the jews as much as is claimed would they really make soap to wash their own bodies with?
to clean themselves?

seems unlikely, highly unlikely.
saw another comment, concerns on the part of the jewish lobby that someone may test the soap and pop that bubble, however I thought that one had long been burst.

Overall, who cares?
It's a bar of old soap.

Doug Plumb said...

Penny, that is a good point about the soap.

Magdelena said...

The soap stories are fake.

This was a hoax, no matter how one looks at it.

Israel is dying for some sympathy.

Are the PTBs getting ready to toss the slc under the bus?

Doug Plumb said...

Something is obviously very seriously wrong and you can see this from a number of perspectives, but I am just not sure who to blame. No doubt that B'nai B'rith, and these other organizations are behind this agenda.

A list of pro Jewish organizations are listed at:

But I did not see SLC listed. What is SLC ?

The question is, on whose behalf and interests are B'nai B'rith and other similar organizations working for ? On occasion I have read into or looked into the whole Jewish thing and nothing really adds up. I have read lots of stuff on this - the often quoted well known authors (who's names escape me at this moment) who do essays on it, guests on Rense, essays on Rense and old flyers from before ww2 and the honest money movements

This appeal for sympathy seems to always have the opposite affect. Many Jews don't like it - or at least that is my feelings after very limited experience with Jews.

The word anti-semitism comes up in many books and even from philosophers but they don't elaborate on it.

Magdelena said...

Sorry Doug, slc = shitty little country.

I think the elites of particular Jewish factions have impressed the victim mentality upon their herd, tossing them often under the bus. Jews were raised to feel 'outside', 'other', different and 'hated' - imagine what that does over time to the psyche of a people. It's not healthy but it sure keeps them controlable. In Europe and Germany particularily Jews were becoming more secular and thus more assimilated within society - this threatened their Talmudic elites and had to be stopped.

Well.. something along those lines anyway. Now we see it happening again in Israel, where the winds of fanaticism are blowing hot and hard.

Yeah, it may be bus time.

Doug Plumb said...

I agree with your overall assessement of the situation, I just don't see a motive. I don't think anyone can seriously challenge that viewpoint you take.

Its hard to convict when there is no clear motive. I really see all this as something elite Jews are doing to their own kind (supposedly own kind anyways). I think there are more different kinds of Jew than there is different kinds of jam.

I think the whole Palestinian thing is a lab experiment - lets see what we can do to human beings and still have them get up in the morning and not commit suicide - kind of like testing an automobile by driving it through difficult terrain and conditions until it finally falls apart - as opposed to slamming it into a wall at 30 mph (such as with Iraq).

The holocaust thing just doesn't fit into this - unless it is a psychological experiment of the same kind - "lets warp peoples mind until it explodes" idea. Political Ponerology talks about this and how fascism leads to physical brain damage.

These are all experiments I think - war is an experiment to determine what humans will tolerate in the grandest sense IMO.

Doug Plumb said...

What do you mean by "bus time" - the big camping trip where everyone gets a "holiday" ? Mass depopulation over there as an experiment ?

Maybe isolate Israel itself and test mass depopulation over there before they do it to us just to iron out the last few bugs ?

The world doesn't like Israel - even most countries in the UN. Maybe its being set up for this.

The machine just works for a few and doesn't need so many useless eaters.

Magdelena said...

Hi Doug,


IOW, scapegoated, sacrificed... you name it.

I think that is what has happened to the 'everyday' Jew, organized by their elites since DAY one.

This would explain the current promotion (for decades at least) of this 'Victim mentality', and I don't mean just the poor darn Jews here - I mean everyone.

'Victim' of rape - oh poor you, Victim of robbery, or whatever - this blaming the other, and using it as an excuse for one's own behaviour or lack thereof makes ME SICK.

Get the F*K over it, bad shit happens, take YOUR power back and do your best to make sure it doesn't happen again - examine what YOU may have contributed to this 'problem'.

In short - quit whining and feeling so darn sorry for yourself.

Boy that was harsh - can you tell I've had a long and very 'testing' day!! (so, I'm ranting, I'll get over it and will be my usual happy self in no time! ;) ).

Oh yeah - it's bus time. Roll on under - question is who. (But I think YOU know).

Doug Plumb said...

Do you think that individual Jews have this mentality left over as a result of the holocaust ? I think fear on their part is a big player in all this -(1) You think the world wants to put you in a gas chamber (2) You know it doesn't and (a) you are guilty of spreading BS by association or (b) you don't understand what is going on and that creates fear.

I have heard of Jews talking about the holocaust many times, but never in the context of "poor me" but rather as "it could happen again".

I just think its really difficult for us goyim (taking that word back) to understand this.

I think the Jews have their families and their tribe and they stick together and this makes them a lot stronger than the average slave - I bet there are disproportionately fewer of them in jails or on the streets because of this.

I think the promotion of the victim mentality is done to make us hate them - especially when you consider the BS around the holocaust numbers.

Doug Plumb said...

The victim mentality is a media creation, not a reflection of how the average Jew thinks. I don't think they have many victims because of their tribe and families.

Anonymous said...


Penny said...

doug: their victim mentality is managed and cultivated from birth.

I am going to put a link to a video here, from a documentary, watch that and decide

Edo had this documentary up at his blog, but I couldn't see it

but you can watch it here
first part

Maggie saw it, right maggie?

Penny said...

I note the ADL makes a real industry of their 'work' In other words, they perpetuate the myth of necessity to justify their existence.

Same as law enforcement and governments do in perpetuating false flags etc, to justify big budgets and expansionist agendas

Magdelena said...

Hey Penny, yeah I saw it - Defamtion.

I was thinking of the young kids on their tour of Auschwitz, how they were so brainwashed that everyone was out to kill them all.


Doug if you have a moment or two watch this film, as it really explains alot.

I was raised to admire this xenophobic nature of Judaism, but since then have decided it is unhealthy as it promotes and us vs them attitude, when we are all really just people, brothers and sisters.

Doug Plumb said...

I'll watch it. If I don't remind me. I'm on a mental vacation right now.

Magdelena said...

The film is Dafamation by Yoav Shamir.

You might have to dig around a bit to find it in full. It's kind of supressed.

Shamir does an amazing job outing the likes of Abe (I'm outraged) Foxman - truly astounding. Dad almost spit when he heard what this scheister was harking on about.

It's an eye opener Doug. NO group should be thought of as 'chosen'. Whenever you have a group who think they are superior to all others it opens the door for all sorts of oppressive and downright exploitive and murderous behaviour, all justified since they are so much 'better' than all the rest of the 'unwashed'.

Doug Plumb said...

I totally agree - no group should be considered or consider themselves as the "chosen ones" or "gods people"

It sort of sounds like the Bible (old Testament) does this in the first four books - but the bible is so difficult to interpret even when it sounds plain.

I judge these things with nothing more than the cold heart of reason because I want to figure out how the actual machine all fits together.

I would like to know more about the word "goyim".

Magdelena said...

goyim means the other, and since he is the other, he's open to oppression and exploitation. He is not of the 'group'. He is less and does not belong, he is, as an infidel, not of one's faith.

It is a divisitory term, since IMO we are all children of 'god' and that 'god' plays no favourites, for she is the universe and she is all. We are but sentient beings given a chance to look upon creation - and so many of us waste it in meaningless pursuits.

Doug Plumb said...

"We are but sentient beings given a chance to look upon creation - and so many of us waste it in meaningless pursuits."

We are evolving from homo-sapien to homo-economus [Ellul/Tech Society]. Homo Economus has less conscience, less courage, less virtue. We are becoming more homogenized as demanded by our plans and machinery.

I'm reading the final conclusions tomorrow in this book. Maybe next week I'll do a post on it. I did one today with some possible theories.