Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Speech they Don't want YOU to hear: Ahmadinejad at the UN


nobody said...

Hey Buff, believe it or not he got a decent five minute coverage on our SBS news here. Sure enough, everything he said was inarguable. And sure enough, we then cut to some Jewish person who's tasked with reminding us that he's an anti-Semite. Predictable as ever.

Anyway, off to find the transcript. Ciao Ciao.

Doug Plumb said...

He wants democracy, which is a military government under which we have no rights.

People that believe in Democracy believe that it is freedom, in reality it is the exact opposite of freedom in every possible sense. Under a Democracy, we become bondsmen and that is another word for slave.

The political establishment and courts are our adversaries and they always work to take our rights away. This is because the country is bankrupt. The public officials work for the trustee in bankruptcy to generate money. The courts are in business to generate money for the trustees - the international bankers. The legislators make the laws that allow courts to function.

The establishment has people tricked into believing we have certain rights under democratic rule. In reality, as soon as you get an attourney and step over the bar in that court, all your rights go down the pooper.

Rights in a democracy are reserved for those few with eyes to see and ears to hear. You must study the law to maintain your rights and it isn't easy.

This guy is just as much establishment as anyone else. There is a new movie called "The International" that explains why the banks do not care about politics. Political differences make war, war makes debt. Bondsmen are the debt slaves. Everything else is just a distraction from reality.

Penny said...

Doug you saw the International, that was a close to reality as i have ever seen a 'hollywood' movie come.

Notice, that wasn't a blockbuster though it was quite good.

Maggie, if you get a chance, catch that movie.

Magdelena said...

Sorry Nobody, I should have added a link to the transcript as well.

I am a bad bad blogger these days!


I'll try to catch that movie. I've been escaping via sci/fi fantasy novels lately. Can't hardly stand to have the tv on.

Yeah, Doug - I've always gotten a laugh from the term "Human Resources"