Sunday, September 27, 2009

8 Story Antigravity Forest

My sis sent me this link via email, as she knows that I have twenty green digits!! This is so cool, and so wonderfully beautiful! I don't think we could do this in Canada, but WOW! I want this inside my house!

Anti-gravity Forests!

Wow!! Love it!

I recall years ago, before the environmental movement was sucked dry by political activists there was a move to use living gardens within buildings to recycle grey water. Whatever happened to that?

Oh, yeah it's all CO2 now.



Doug Plumb said...

I had friends in engineering school who were interested in building houses along these lines - total ecologically self contained houses that filtered and found their own water and dealt with their own waste as well as grew food.

I don't think there is any reason why this cannot be done - even up here in cold Canada. If it cannot yet be done, it certainly is possible - at least that is what I think.

But with future of all humanity threatened by farting cows, who can think about this ? Besides, these houses have to pass military (government) regulations.

Its a very interesting topic, lots of innovation started around the 70's. One of my lifetime goals as a teenager was to build one of these homes and I read everything I could on it from the library.

nobody said...

I'm with you Buff - really fabulous. And yeah, the thought occurs - why isn't there more of this?

But then I remembered the tinpot body-corporate that controlled the grounds surrounding the internet cafe I used to go to. In order to put paid to the shop-owner's complaints about the gutters backing up with leaf litter and flooding their properties, they... wait for it... cut down all the trees. Seriously. There's nothing but brick and concrete there now.

The logic was that it was cheaper to cut them down than pay someone to hose out the gutters every couple of months. For them, between paying a hundred bucks every year, and no trees, it was a no brainer.

Penny said...

hey maggie, isn't that something else, and just imagine how clean the air is inside that building.
What with the great job plants doing cleaning the air.]
Nice to look at also.

Magdelena said...

Hey guys, it truly is beautiful isn't it?

I know about the smaller 'wall gardens' and 'vertical grow walls' which can be achieved hydroponically, but using this felt system over an entire building is truly wonderful.

Doug - you design it and I'll plant it! We can't fail!!


Magdelena said...

Nobody - I hear you on the cutting down of the trees.

was it the street gutter or an eave they were all upset about? Didn't it occur to any of them to take five minutes and rake it up themselves?

Gutter Helmet

How bloody backwards are you guys down in OZ??

;) Just kiddin' mate.

Here in my neck of the woods it's almost impossible to cut down a tree within city limits. Just this summer they passed another by-law stating any tree on your property greater than 10 cm in diameter requires a permit ($$$) to cut down.

Doug Plumb said...

I don't know how to handle the waste and I'm certainly no farmer but I do believe a solar heated house could be made to work up here in Canada. It would be expensive and odd looking, but could be made to work.

You would probably need the permission of multiple pencil neck geek inspectors on their satanic power trips...

Magdelena said...

Hey Doug,

My nieghbour up the street has solar panels on both his home (same model as mine) and now his newly constructed shed. I keep meaning to stroll up the hill and have a chat with him about expenses etc; though he did do most of installation all himself. The inspectors were there for two entire days.

Both his house and mine are perfectly aligned with the cardinal directions, each corner pointing north, east, south and finally due west. We both get sun (when it is out) all day long.

I really must go talk to him, as both houses are relatively small, < 1000 sq ft, so I bet he'll be running all his needs now through the power he is generating himself.

Oh to be off the grid! My dream!

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