Sunday, September 6, 2009

Muzzling the CHRC, reigning in the Demons

Congratulations to Marc Lemire and his small victory against the likes of Richard Warman and the Nazis at the Canadian Human wRongs Commission. Of course, our dear friends and protectors at the Canadian Jewish Council are in a fit, well good, isn't that their normal state of being anyway? Richard Warman must be foaming at the mouth, again a natural state for this uber-whiner!

So, what does this decision actually mean? Legally, not much - as the law still stands. However, judge Hadjis has said that he has interpreted it as unconstitutional, so now the ball is in the hands of the courts - who alone have the power to strike down section 13.

At the very least, Marc's site, Freedom Site, will remain online. This is a good thing, whether one agrees with Lemire or not.

You can read Marc's statement here.

So, yes it is a step in the right direction, but much more needs to be done to ensure that the holier than thou alarmists and gaggers are stopped in their tracks. That said though, it would sure be nice to have Warman outed for the agent provocateur that he is, so come on Warman, launch and appeal with your buddies at the CJC, we all want to hear about the nasty, dirty tricks you both use to silence anyone you may not agree with. Bring it on, then we can all see the lies you spread and the disgraceful way you conduct yourself!!

Three cheers for Marc Lemire!


Penny said...

I wondered how the Jewish lobby groups were going to take this?
After all haven't they been the heaviest hand of censorship in Canada?
Who restricted the rights of Canadians to hear the speech from a man, George Galloway, who was invited by christian churches, and people had chosen and wanted to hear him speak.

None other then the JDL, lobby group and terrorist organization.

Magdelena said...

CJC Statement

The uberwhiners will appeal. They cannot stand open discussion - or the light of day being shone on their myriad of sick lies.

Happily, I might add, there seems to be a turning of the tide with most folk out there. Everyone is getting really sick of these complainers who consistently equate the State of Israel with all Jews worldwide. I'll say it again: The biggest enemy of the Jewish people is the State of Israhell.