Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks for the slip up

Global Warming, Shlomal Warming... oy vey!! Will all the lies never cease???

What we have here folks is a power grab and tax utopia, none of which is based on any kind of scientific theory - only hypotheses and unproven as well. One of the biggest give aways that it is just a farce is that so many governments actually buy into this, the mainstream media screaming about rising oceans and the death of us all. What nonsense.

Seems they slipped up though here:

The world has never seen such freezing heat

In the above article, it has been admitted that data supporting the warmest October was actually false! Say it ain't so! Really? How? Well, my friends it seems they used the data from September to calculate the October numbers. Nice one boys - egg on your face feeling kinda slimy??

Anyway, I like it when they screw up, and then twist in the wind trying to phloff it off. Sorta like the temperature instruments being located in parking lots and next to air-conditioning vents... lol.

Enjoy the read, and yes I will be back.


Penny said...

hey maggie: read the article and thanks.

man-made global warming as controversial as ever.

Magdelena said...

Indeed it is, but the discussion is just getting started over at your blog

Penny said...

hey maggie:

isn't that weird on the blog, not only does my post show with your name, your little kitty pic is there??
I don't know what to make of this.

and it is still showing

Magdelena said...

Weirdness abounds dear!


nobody said...

Can't fool me, you're the same chick! And now you're having a conversation with yourself. Honestly! ; )

Magdelena said...

Oddly Nobody, we've been accused of that before. :]

Personally, I think it's more of a case of 'Great Minds think alike'.

Hee hee

nobody said...

Minds, whatever... I heard that you both share a scary resemblence to Sandro Botticelli's clamshell chick. Albeit with clothes on. Ha!

Or was that some daydream I had?

Penny said...

i think that is some weird dream you are having, induced by something possibly???

Magdelena said...

Indeed Penny - since it's clear that while you may be clothed - I most certainly wouldn't be.

This was made clear to Nobody at the Haiku blog!!

*snicker* ;]