Friday, October 17, 2008

Captain Kirk and Gun Control


Quick before it's gone again:

Gotta love the Shat!!



Penny said...

OMG that was hilarious, I even said f'in hilarious when I watched it.

Thanks for that and though funny, it makes a dam good point.

right foot, left foot


Magdelena said...

Yeah, pretty good eh?

I've never watched the show, but my sis is a big fan.

I bet the gungrabbers are furious!!

DougPlumb said...

Its very entertaining but its scenario is a little unrealistic which makes the anti gun control camp look unrealistic.

This guy is not James Bond. He is a fat as'ed lawyer with the sole purpose of protecting the money interest under the guise of justice. If anyone wants to know why these lawyers earn so much it is precisely this in the final analysis.

They stand against everything a free man stands for. Even folks like Clayton Ruby ultimately works for the money interest. He has written articles on controling man made CO2 emmissions - surely a lawyer is smart enough to investigate both sides of this argument ! (very few older educated folks are fooled by Global Warming)

nobody said...

Yeah sorry folks, I'm kind of in the 'hmm...' camp, if you can dig it. The American gun discussion almost always pivots on the 'defence against crime' argument, ie. if a single black guy sticks you up in an underground carpark kind of thing.

But where we are now with tyranny just round the corner the gun discussion needs to shift sideways. It's time to stop ignoring the 'militia' part of the second amendment. I'd kind of expect that the gun-grabbers would groove on the 'fear of crime' argument since they need merely say, 'Don't worry. Now that Blackwater are patrolling the streets and we've shot all the looters and there's no more crime, you don't need your guns anymore'.

Can you dig it?

nobody said...

Sorry to be a spoilsport!

Magdelena said...


I personally feel the right to bear arms and form militias is good medicine to keep tyrannies at bay.

While I agree that this was simply 'tv' it was funny and poignant none the less.


DougPlumb said...

I just see it as very sophisticated propaganda. (1) Make the pro gun arguement look foolish (2) Make the oligarchy minions look like heros.