Monday, October 6, 2008

Spam, Spam Harper, Dion, Spam, Layton and Spam and May and Spam

This is an election rant.

Where are the choices? I mean really. It's like going to the Diner and only finding Spam, spam, ham and spam, beef and spam, lamb and spam - all just spam!



Penny said...

Aaaargh as you know this election has me in knots.


nobody said...

Wow, I shall never look at the spam sketch ever again. It's a metaphor for those who, um, don't want to eat shit, ha ha.

nobody said...

D'oh! Should read -

"I shall never look at the spam sketch 'in the same way' ever again..."

Magdelena said...

"It's a metaphor for those who, um, don't want to eat shit, ha ha."

Indeed - I thought it appropriate and quite fitting.

Sums up nicely how I feel about the whole electoral process these days. No matter who you choose you still get a healthy dollop of SPAM!


DougPlumb said...

I think the liberals will get power. I think a massive shift in voter opinion will soon occur.

Harper said he only wanted to serve one term. Obama is getting in down south - he is the Wall St darling.

The environmentalists plan to get power up here too. Bush was just a show to make us run into the loving arms of Obama.

Then the gates of hell open up.

See to see what I mean (Obama Youth)

Penny said...

usually when a liberal is in here, a con is in, in the US and vice versa, I am hoping for a minority again.

Magdelena said...

Hi Doug - the Obama Youth thing - odd isn't it?

I'm not sure but I feel inclined to agree with Rivero on this one: It was engineered by the neocons to discredit Obama.

However, that said - he is a soros/zbiggy boy - IOW Same old same old.

As for us - a liberal minority with a strong backing of the NDP and Greens might be the best we could hope for.

There will be so much bickering that not much will happen - at least not much which is too awful.

This is so depressing.

DougPlumb said...

I gave 3:1 odds on the Liberals winning at work. Although I hate the enviro-nazi's, I think they will win. I want Harper because he will stand up to them. He has been quoted as believing the whole global warming thing a "communist conspiracy". Thats my language 8-)

All this warfare is to expose how our existing society runs so the people demand a new way. The enviro-nazis are just there to provide it - a bigger, heavier yoke for humanity as environmentalism.

Harper seems to be a good guy in this. I say give us the 'saucers instead 9with holograms) and lets organize to fight little green men.

Penny said...

maggie: where are you?
I look forward to something refreshing here, everyday?

I'll be patient and keep checking, I know you are a busy, busy gal


nobody said...

Didn't Mag write me a haiku the other day? Now you got me wondering...

nobody said...

Good news - She did write a haiku but got something in her eye apparently. Hi Buff, how's the eye? All better?

Penny said...

aaah, is that what it was?

an inability to post do to something in the eye.

blinded by the bullshit election?

well I see a new post,,so I am glad whatever was blocking your vision, has cleared for you to see they way to the blog