Friday, September 26, 2008

Palin: No second guessing on Israel

I really don't know what to say here. She quotes the misquote, she towes the line. I see that her meetings with AIPAC have been a success.

Woe to the Americans if this woman ever becomes VP. Woe to the world.

Oh good grief, I simply must edit this post to include:


President Peres of Israel yesterday met for the first time with Governor Palin and with Senator McCain, who called the veteran Israeli statesman "my old friend." The warm handshake and exchange of broad smiles occurred during an international gathering known as the Clinton Global Initiative, hosted by President Clinton. "I wanted to meet you for many years," Ms. Palin told Mr. Peres, according to an aide to the president. "The only flag at my office is an Israeli flag," she was quoted as saying, "and I want you to know and I want Israelis to know that I am a friend."

I think I need a virtual sicky bag...

What Sarah? No American flag? No Alaska flag? No Canadian flag?

This woman is an unmitigated disaster on heels... yikes o rama!


nobody said...

Our PM, Kevin Rudd, did the misquote thing too. This after he passed a motion in Parliament congratulating Israel on 60 years of ethnic cleansing. I suspect that that wasn't the precise wording but whatever...

Magdelena said...

Funny how they all bow to Israel.

Odder that it's such a no-no to even speak about it.

nobody said...

No, the reason they all bow to Israel is the reason it may not be discussed. It all makes perfect sense.

See if this grabs you.

Magdelena said...

Spot on mate!

I think you raise some really good points there.

Time was not that long ago even, that I was also loathe to discuss any of this - growing up in the household I did led to some shackles which needed turfing. It was painful at first, but now is quite freeing. You are correct, that once these chains are abandoned - the clarity is concise.