Thursday, September 25, 2008

Elections Anyone?

Okay, so we are in an election. I have recieved calls so far from the Libs and Cons, both seeking my support.

Clearly I told them not to count on me.

I simply can't bring myself to vote for either of the status quo pinhead parties. It's almost as if the Liberals, by electing Dion as leader, are there to assist the Cons to get a majority. Certainly makes me wonder about 'backroom deals'.

Con rep: We need a majority, if you guys put Dion in charge we could probably get it.

Lib rep: What's in it for us?

Con rep: Well, we'll revisit the Carbon tax issue and use your ideas to soak Canadians for even more $$

Lib rep: Hmmm, okay. Dion it is, after all our mole Bob Rae pretty much destroyed any chance for the NDP to ever win any election on a federal level after his stunning performance in Ontario years ago. Worked like a charm!!

Con rep: Glad you see it that way. Keep Dion there and keep touting this extra Tax, that we both know will have zero influence on Climate Change - since most realize it has nothing to do with human activity. What a great scam this 'global warming' has become!

Lib rep: Oh yes!! It's allowed both our parties to completely ignore all the pollutants that really do damage! Notice no one talks about dioxins anymore! It's great! Hardly anyone even questions the role of GM plants either! What a dream come true!

Con rep: smiles

Lib rep: smiles back, shakes hands.

And that folks, sums it up. The libs and cons are simply different sides of the same old coin. Both care more for big money and corporate gains. Neither of them care for Canadians. They both look at the populace with contempt.

Yes, I'm cynical... many are. They count on it.


Penny said...

brilliant and concise.
I can see it happening, evil laughs included.

Magdelena said...

Thanks Pen, I was feeling rather cynical....

What's new eh?


DougPlumb said...

I think the solution may be to vote for any independent and spoil your ballot otherwise - ie if no independent is running.

Kill the party system - thats what we need to do IMO. Even if you have an independent that is an environmentalist & Israeli firster and wants war with Russia.

If a party isn't corrupt, it soon will be after it gets big. This monster infects everything big and worthwhile.

Magdelena said...

Doug! Howya doin'?

Nice to hear from you! Yeah, I agree we have alot of overhauling to do wrt our political landscape.

The corruption and back room deals must stop. Government needs to be streamlined and get out of certain things, while still allowing for regulations of others.

Sadly, there is no independent in my riding. But I sure as heck won't be voting either Lib or Con - and unlikely to vote NDP. Which leaves me with the greens. Protest vote? Darn right.