Saturday, September 6, 2008

Greens, Anti-semitism, Free Speech and Canada

Wow... I haven't had time to blog much - but I just had to put something up about this:

Green Candidate accused of 'Israel-Bashing' gets May's support

Before posting excerpts from the article, let me just say that it's badly written, though of course not surprising, as any criticism of Israeli policy with regards to the Palestinian Peoples is wrongly labelled 'anti-semitism' by the mainstream (shilling) media, and of course by the gatekeepers themselves - the CIC. Please note this is NOT about the recent ousting of Shavluk in BC - who was also accused of making 'anti-semetic' comments on an online forum (which I personally remember and the worst about him wasn't those comments btw).

No this time it's a renowned neurologist, Dr.Qais Ghanem. What did he dare to do? Gosh, it seems that he dared to suggest that the party adopt the view that Israel should withdraw to her 67 borders, as suggested by the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative. What you never heard of it? No wonder - as it is supported by all Arab Lands and would actually lead to peace for Israel and a future for the displaced and stateless people of Palestine. It is not radical, and it allows for 'normalised' relations by all Arab League countries wrt Israel (I know, I know - how could Israel continue playing the victim card is she actually started to get on with her neighbours?) But I digress...

Sara Saber-Freedman, executive vice-president of the Canada Israel Committee, said the Greens would be adopting an extreme position should the resolution be endorsed by party members at their next convention.

“We think it would be extraordinarily unfortunate if it were to be adopted,” she said. “It would place the Green Party very far outside the Canadian mainstream.”

Oh really Sara? So, anyone who doesn't support the ongoing occupation, collective punishment and theft of land by Israel is out of the mainstream? Really? To me, Israel's security depends on learning how to get on with others, learning to play nice and not be the spoiled brat in the sandbox. It would go a long way to changing the Arab world's opinion of her, but alas if there was peace how could the extortion of Billions of dollars in the name of security continue?

Back to the story. Dr. Ghanem is certainly not an anti-semite. The greens aren't either. Yet these days it seems anyone calling Israel out on her behaviour is deemed one. This is ridiculous. If we criticise the Canadian government's policies does that mean I am anti-canadian? If I am bitching about US foreign policy am I then anti-american? What if I don't agree with the Pope? Am I then anti-Catholic? What nonsense. The overuse of the term anti-semite detracts from those who ARE real jew-haters - who hate Jews simply due to the fact they are Jews. Lumping all Jews together with the actions of the state of Israel is a slippery slope. It endangers Jews not only those in Israel, but those in the diaspora as well.

The CIC would do better to stop using the term, or at least use a better one: Anti-Likud, might do.


Penny said...

Israel should go back to the 67 borders, nothing wrong with that.

If Israel wanted peace they would have long done that anyway.

Magdelena said...

That's it in a nutshell Pen.

It is clear that certain factions within the Israeli Admin DO NOT want peace.

They'd lose their stipend from the US.

They have become a militarised nation (not unlike their sponser). Outside of the arms manufacturers and security agencies Israel doesn't have much to offer. So, they sell terror - fear - war to boost their coffers.

They are their own worst enemies.

nobody said...

Onya Buff,

There's a kind of hell for leather, we-don't-care-how-obvious-we-are desperation becoming commonplace now. Have you noticed? There's some Israeli cove touring Australia right now explaining to all and sundry the rightness of Israel bombing Iran.

Why this desperation? What's coming? Is it the bankers' manufactured crash?

Otherwise as the definition of what's extreme keeps being shifted I expect it's just a matter of time before the complete extermination of the Palestinians becomes 'centrist'.