Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Sad Day

Empress Buffy

Beautiful Buffy passed away on Thursday, December 2. She will be sorely missed by us all. Rest in peace my sweet little girl.

Empress Buffy


Penny said...

so sorry about buffy :(

she was a cutie though, she really was.

Doug Plumb said...

How did it happen Maggie ?

Magdelena said...

Buffy got a tumor on her face, just near her right eye and the bridge of her nose. Though it was not cancerous, it was very fast growing, and while she enjoyed her borrowed time after diagnosis for almost three months, she slid very quickly over a span of about three days. My vet, a wonderful woman, thinks that the tumour had spread back into her brain. I made the appointment and held her in my arms as she passed on.

She was the ruler of this house for ten years. Even now, none of the others dare take her spot on the sofa.

Marshall, the orange boy in the pic on this site is still looking for her :(. She was like a mother to him, bringing him mice to kill when he was a kitten, cleaning him and generally teaching him the how-tos of the cat world. I think he is a little depressed.

That all said, she's now in kitty heaven munching on crunchy crunchy mouse heads.

RIP Buffers!

BTW, I did think of changing my mail and my handle, but have decided against it.

Buffy - the Brave.

Magdelena said...

Thanks Penny. I know that you knew the story behind my rather odd username! Now you see her!

My little darling. :)

Doug Plumb said...

If I am to be re-incarnated, I want to be re-incarnated as a house cat. This is for the record.