Thursday, August 19, 2010

History Repeats


Doug Plumb said...

Apparently the big schools in the United States have divested from Israeli companies. Paul Craig Roberts and Alex Jones say this - both of these guy are always right IMO.

The NAZI BAR association members did the same thing the Israeli BAR members are doing. All the politicians, judges and attourneys of both countries and all westernized countries have belonged to the same club- the same club as our politicians, judges and lawyers.

They run the countries. They make the rules and they interpret the rules. They all work for the London banksters.

I found some interesting articles - very well written on this topic that I posted on my blog.

Penny said...

given the absolute psychosis of the IDF, their maladjustment due to brainwashing from cradle to grave...
no surprise

Magdelena said...

I think these comparisons are very well done - as they say, "a picture's worth a thousand words".

I think that Israel has run out of sympathy across the globe. Most folks ARE waking up to the fact that as a country she is completely insane, seeing herself as a perpetual victim and blaming everyone else for her self created problems.

I heard a little story once - a guy goes into a bar, he frequents many bars often, but in this one bar he gets into a fight. One could say, that that particular bar was not a nice spot. However, another guy gets into a fight in every bar he goes into, one could then say the problem is not the bar but the guy. Clearly Israel is the latter.

Doug Plumb said...

We never hear much about Canadian soldiers interacting with the Afghans. I'm sure there is a general media blackout on that. Its odd that there is so much info about Israel and little on Canada and the USA and their activities in the M.E.

Its all a bunch of corporations protected by attourneys. Borders and countries are for TV.

I don't look at the situation in terms of countries at all. The countries have had their legal system and laws taken over by the law merchant. Israel, Canada, Britain, USA, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Communist China...its all the same corporations & banksters and its all the same game and it differs a little wrt geography but the goal is uniform.

I'm not anti-Israel or pro-Israel. Israel is just a place on a map where millions of corporate economic units live, just like here.

Doug Plumb said...

"I heard a little story once - a guy goes into a bar, he frequents many bars often, but in this one bar he gets into a fight. "

What if the guy was legally obligated to get into a fight because it was most profitable to his shareholders and he faced jail if he didn't fight ?

Weapons manufacterers are obligated to lobby governments by law because that is in the interest of the shareholders. Their employees do not have enough options to find work elsewhere. Nobody likes this.

I'm concerned because people are not looking at the underlying causes of all this. Its really the laws that direct our actions - corporations face both positive and negative laws. These laws are created and enforced by the attourneys - judges, attourneys and politicians.

"Canada" is a bankrupt corporation as I'm sure Israel is the same - as most "westernized" countries. These country names are names of corporations and we by default name these geographical areas the same. In reality the geographical area known as Canada is by definition an anarchy. Its a dominion, not a country.

Magdelena said...

Hey Doug, nice to see you here, as I have been a real lazy bitch with respect to updating my sad little blog (she's lonely)

I agree with you, most folks don't look in the right places. Weapons manufacturers, banks, lawyers - all profiteers - rapists extortion and exploitation.

I have some hemp rope.


Doug Plumb said...

There is a recording of Behold A Pale Horse (Bill Cooper), I found it the other day. Its about two hours long. See

Bill Cooper has the real gift of an orator and I have never heard the situation we are in so concisely and completely explained.

His conclusions are off IMO, I don't think aliens are real, I find the Report From Iron Mountain's explantion of things more credible, but Cooper really throws some daggers into the conventionalists. He explains that the lawyers are the sabateurs, the accountants spies.

I've collected some really well written stuff on attourneys on my blog that I found in a few places. These articles drive the point home far better than I can.

Even the new movie by Bill Still on the Wizard of Oz doesn't touch upon how our money system is completely woven into the practice of law. I think Still has the best views on monetary reform - same as the Canadian Action Party.

CAP was sabateured by an attourney in many peoples opinion, including mine. The exisiting system will not come down until we get the garlic and scare these weasels back to where they came from.

Doug Plumb said...

Maggie, whats going on ? You haven't posted in a heck of a long time.

Anonymous said...
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