Saturday, December 4, 2010

I know it has been a while

Apologies to all who used to frequent my little blog. Life has been a turmoil for quite a while now, yet things are finally starting to enter a normal routine once again. I will endeavour to make some salient posts in the coming weeks, sort of a jumping back into the saddle again.

Doug, thanks for dropping in and asking what was up. It's all good but as you know life throws curve balls at us, and this was one place which got stuck on the back burner so to say.

There is so much to write about, and I will get busy doing so in the near future.



Doug Plumb said...

Hi Maggie, good to see you are back. I click through your site out of habit and to check some links you have at the side, so the fact that you are not posting is regularly drawn to my attention. I hope things have returned to a manageable norm for you.

Recently there have been two very important things develop, (1) The member of the House Of Lords has admitted proudly of laundering money through London banks for the IRA - hear about this from Joel Skousen on Radio Liberty (.com) in a recent Dec. post (2) On the naked body scanners, its been shown that dogs would work far better on Brasscheck TV.

I've been buried in the works of Immanuel Kant, which has been the most interesting thing I have discovered in the past many years - definitely a conspiracy to mis-represent or draw attention away from his writings which give a rational basis for freedom that is independent of religion. I'm not blogging due to this obsession, rather repeating stuff I find elsewhere. I found lots of stuff on my least favorite furry little animals (weasels) of interest.

Doug Plumb said...

Also, see

Its about phlagellum bacteria- its not the movie "Expelled". I'm getting lots of traction telling people about this.

See Eugenie Scotts responses - she uses the courts, whose pillars of existence are sophistry, licentiousness and intimidation.

Magdelena said...

I am 'sorta' back. I've started a few things, we will see if I have the gumption to actually finish them.

Thanks for checking in though and for the links. Hope all is well by you!