Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Camouflage for Canadian Cities

Soldiers could get uniforms for urban jungle

Future Canadian soldiers could be wearing new uniforms designed to provide camouflage on the streets of our largest cities.

The Defence Department will know by March what designs might work for what is being called a Canadian Urban Environment Pattern.

Those designs are to be based on the "unique requirements" of the urban settings of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, according to an outline of the project being co-ordinated by scientists at Defence Research and Development Canada in Suffield, Alta.

Ottawa, the nerve centre of government and the military, was left off the list because it doesn't rate as a major metropolitan centre.

I don't know whether to laugh out loud, or cry!

Troops in the streets?
In Canada?
Tell me it's not so??

Why would they need this specifically for Canadian cities? The olympics? The 'Pandemic'? Civil unrest?

Makes my head shake.


Doug Plumb said...

They are already there in the form of plainclothes RCMP soldiers. They are everywhere around city hall in Toronto. Walk through the city hall area with a backpack and you will get stopped.

I think this is a scare tactic and will invoke more fear than be affective.

If they believed there would be terrorism and they wanted to stop it, they would use more plainclothes officers.

Magdelena said...

They sure are getting pretty blatant with this though.

Either they're desperate or they have the cat firmly in the bag already, and thus aren't worried whatsoever about being 'caught'.

nobody said...

Did anyone ask the Canadian defence chiefs where they think their future battles will be and against whom? Honestly, I'd loooove to hear their answers. Who do they imagine they're going to be fighting against? Invaders? Like who?

If they can't answer that simple question in unambiguous non-waffling terms, they should all be sacked.

Penny said...

Apparently the Vancouver Olympics is going to loaded with Canadian troops and possibly others.

They are going to station more Canadian troops at the Olympics then are stationed in Afghanistan.

Call them the Para-military olympics?

Magdelena said...

Gee are they getting ready for another false flag terror attack?