Thursday, June 17, 2010

I don't care anymore

Yep, I don't fucking care anymore


nobody said...

And I can dig it!

Magdelena said...


Doug Plumb said...

Its a rotten crumbling society that we live in. There are too many examples. But what is the root cause of all of this ?

A society exists to ease economic loads and to protect man from nature. For a society to exist there must be an agreement of what constitutes justice. Justice is what governs our interactions.

In our society, the BAR association has a monopoly on justice. Their ideas of what is justice are very different from that required to maintain society. Society as we know it is being de-constructed. The BAR association allows criminals with money and their won members to practice their crimes freely.

All the things, vaccines, poisoned skies, crooked politicians, fluoride in drinking water, eugenics operations, etc cannot be stopped because we have a justice system based on smoke and mirrors all designed to allow these things to be perpetuated.

If we could send the members of the BAR back to England, things would clean up real quick. All the blatent injustices are protected by a BAR association that will do nothing to prosecute.

This is what the truth seekers need to figure out and I'll keep finding different ways of saying it until the BAR members are on that boat or I am dead or imprisoned.

Penny said...


bad day?