Wednesday, August 12, 2009

United Church of Canada - Anti-Semites all of them!!

Well, Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress (Israeli is US) seems to certainly thinks so, though I'm sure Bernie finds anti-semites in his bedclothes at night.

This time though, he's after the UCC for the wording of their divestment report - which can be read here. I guess Bernie baby doesn't like the term 'apartheid' or that the UCC has named the ministers (you know the ones supposedly working for the CANADIAN constituents) whom have taken free trips to Israel as well as those who hold dual citizenship.

Gee, Bernie I guess the truth hurts eh?

While reading CBC this morning I noticed this article, as I sent off a comment, and took a gander at some of the other lame items they had listed, it had disappeared from the front page and been buried under a bunch of other meaningless dribble.

So, for the sake of the memory hole, here's the link below:
United Church drops Israel 'apartheid' wording

Delegates at the United Church of Canada's national meeting have voted almost unanimously to reject controversial language used in material for a proposed divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel.

Well, nice cave in boys! What do you want to bet that they will drop the entire divestment idea sooner rather than later? Afterall, the UCC has itself some skeletons in the closet which would be best not too see the light of day (native reserves). I wouldn't put it past the CJC having used this as a tool to get the 'language' changed - we can count on more smears coming out in the next while.

Bernie - you really need to join the human race - or move to Israel already.


nobody said...

And they caved. Everyone caves. There was that bishop telling the truth about the holocaust and the vatican caved over him. Chickenshits.

Magdelena said...

It's sickening - but you're right the do ALL cave. Why???

What kind of threats are used? How many secrets do the Israelis have on everyone? Does this fit in with the sickos who use kids? It's all I can seem to link both groups with.

Granted the UCC certainly is not a snow white organisation - but come on now kids... something is truly smelly.

(and it ain't the skunk in my backyard)

Penny said...

I don't know, I like the idea of calling a spade a spade, and it is an occupation and it sure as hell looks solidly like apartheid, so call it what it is.

But then your right maggie, the United Church does have some major skeletons in their closet, which I am sure would be rattled for the public loudly.

And still the palestinians suffer, what a world!

Doug Plumb said...

It supposed to get crazy - this is a spychologi8cal operation against the PEOPLE WHO WATCH - like us.

The craziness causes brain damage and an inability to see right fr4om wrong or discern reality.

Penny said...

maggie, playing catch-up, HELLO, and all is well, I hope?