Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Canadian Government? What 'Canadian' Government??

Along with leaving fellow citizens in desperate conditions abroad, our government has also decided to let Israel dictate the treatment of our own people! This, of course, should not come as a surprise for those who have seen the fealty of our elected representatives to a foreign state:

Israel Targets Palestinian Canadians

A tough Israeli crackdown that discriminates against some American citizens because they are of Palestinian origin has been sharply protested by the Obama administration, but the same treatment curtailing freedom of movement for Canadian citizens has produced no response from the Harper government.

Border guards at Israel's Ben Gurion airport have been barring entry to arriving Canadian and American citizens with Palestinian-sounding names. They are told they must make a long detour and enter via the Allenby Bridge land-border crossing that connects the West Bank with Jordan. On arrival there, their passports are stamped “Palestinian Authority only” – preventing them from entering Israel, including the annexed parts of East Jerusalem.

First off - I loathe the hyphenated Canadian thing. Are you Canadian? Fine - drop the bloody origin term it stinks of division.

Secondly, what this article fails to mention is the likely hood of this action being supported by the Security Treaty Canada signed recently with Israel. (You know the one NO ONE talks about).

Thirdly, while Cannon ignores the plight of these Canadians, he's right on the bandwagon to demonise Iran, by calling for the release of a so-called Canadian arrested there for incitement. That's fine, but don't kid yourself - Cannon is not doing this out of the goodness of his heart (he hasn't got one), he's doing it because his masters are telling him too!! It plays into the 'Let's attack Iran' mood so prevalent in our media and governments these days.

In the meantime, the Israelis will continue to oppress the Palestinians and anyone with a single droplet of aboriginal blood from that area they covet so dearly.

I ask again: What 'Canadian' government??


Doug Plumb said...

The Canadian government went bankrupt in or around 1933. It is operated by its creditors under chapter 11 bankruptcy, the same as the USA.

James Traficant, an ex sheriff and eight time re-elected congressman explained the situation best in the USA:

"We are bankrupted. We are insolvent on every level of our national life, whether it is corporate, whether it is just plain you and I out there with the life of debt that we have all piled up, private debt, credit cards and what not, or whether it is the government. We are insolvent. How long will it take before that nasty mega-truth is conveyed?"

The same thing happened in Canada.

Penny said...

Canadian government?
What Canadian government is right?
Protecting the rights of Canadians, or abusing them one citizen at a time?