Thursday, March 10, 2011

9/11 Lessons from Star Trek

Okay, yes I loved star trek growing up and remember this episode quite well! This is a brilliant little video, whether you are a trekkie or not! Thanks to Michael Rivero for sharing it with us all!!


Penny said...

well ya know, we should just like, listen to brittney spears, eh?

Magdelena said...

Gosh Pen, don't you?

Joking aside, I remember this episode, and others like it. Star Trek (under Roddenberry) was a good show. While not perfect, it offered a world view which was quite different than the 'norm'. I have heard people say it's 'mind control'. I don't see it that way.

Doug Plumb said...

I think Star Trek was a good show, although it was not my favorite I did watch it occasionally and enjoyed its lessons. But I always read to learn, watched TV for entertainment - I've never taken anything on TV too seriously but enjoyed its entertainment.

I think now that it was propaganda for world government, as almost everything is and was on the boob-tube. I never saw a show where the issue of free speech was dealt with - but maybe I just never saw that one.