Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chemtrails over Ottawa - October

Just thought I'd stick up some shots I took on October 9. This aerosol spraying has been going on daily. On this particular day, I was working outside in the garden, getting ready for winter and such, so I was outside pretty much all afternoon. That evening, I was sneezing my head off - so were ALL my cats. The next day, my throat was scratchy and sore, nose running like a tap. I DO not have any allergies.

Anyway, here some pics for your viewing pleasure:

"X" trail and an older one

The "X" trail again

Oct 9 ALL Chemtrails

More bleeding clouds - one older one newer

I have lots more... I might throw a few more up later, as I still have to upload them to my photobucket account.

Still, though as you can see these things are weird, to say the least.

OH, and they are back at it today.


Doug Plumb said...

I've been feeling a little under the weather over the past two weeks and being self employed I've stayed inside except for mornings. I've had swollen lymph nodes for this period.

People have told me that spraying has increased and that a lot of people are feeling the same way.

I wonder if its just been the past few weeks that spraying has really increased.

Penny said...

ya know maggie, I got to say, I don't see that much my way, and I wonder if Ottawa get's that for a specific reason?

Being the political centre of Canada?

Magdelena said...

Hey Doug, thanks for stopping by.

Well, what I can say is this: Every single day in October I have seen them doing this.

On overcast days - who knows, though on one day which was 'somewhat' cloudy I could see them when the lower clouds parted and revealed the higher ceiling. Again - who knows, but I'd bet on it, daily.

This summer was a WOWSER for the spraying.

Today they laid down heavy this am, but have since stopped - it's REALLY windy here today and perhaps the trails were dispersing to quickly? I really just don't know. But I'm going back outside before they start up again.

As for feeling crappy when they do this - yeah I've had others tell me they feel like junk when the spraying is heavy too.

The question is WHAT the F#$@ is it? Really? If it's nothing then why all the secrecy?

I mean - come on!!

Magdelena said...

Penny, it's possible your town is too small, or the spraying is done elsewhere and then drifts towards you. Who knows? It's frikkin' nuts here though.

As you can plainly see.

The odd thing is, that when it's sunny for a while and there's no rain, I get an odd oily buildup of spidery webby stuff on my car.

Weird shit, man.


As far as it being Ottawa, well again who knows. If the purpose has anything to do with HAARP, perhaps. There are a few military bases here that do 'listening', amongst other things. But really I just don't know. I wish I did.

Doug Plumb said...

I've heard that they spraw hundreds of miles away from the region they are trying to affect, then the wind carries the spray over about 4 hours to its true destination. It takes about 4 hours to fall.

I have observed the trails drifting after spraying was done in Toronto be comparing spray trails with tall building positions. They do move quite a bit.

It may be then when we see the trails that means someone else is going to get it.

Both Stephen Harper and my sister who are both in the inside I'm sure both got cured of athsma. Perhaps higher politicians get special treatments such as those on the privy council, while lower ones think the trails are to fight global warming.

Doug Plumb said...

Maggie, where are you both relative to Toronto ? Ottawa ? Penny is in St Catharines right ?..

nobody said...

Goddamn, that's truly evil. I gotta say I've never seen anything like this in Oz. I'd notice if we had it, and I've never seen it.

And no one knows what it is? That's just fucked.

Magdelena said...

Nobody, yeah it's fucked alright. VERY ODD. My sis saw them when she was here last year, she was amazed and also said she'd not seen the like in Brisbane at all. Now of course she's actively looking for them. So, either they aren't spraying directly overhead where you are, but somewhere perhaps out at sea, then allowing the drift to flow over, or they aren't spraying at all (which I highly doubt). What are the prevailing winds down there? Are they from the continent eastwards? (Judging from the Dust Storms this makes sense to me). In that case then the aerosol spraying would be occuring to the west of Brisbane, then naturally drifting coastwards.

There are reports out of Queensland about Chemtrails - I've looked them up!! (Yes I know that Queensland is a big state).

Anyways, yeah it's dreadful. Yesterday's trails did some really funky stuff - I'll post some pics as there was a heavy wind and some mighty odd stuff looked to be drifting downwards (my shots are not great, I really need to learn how to use my camera).

Magdelena said...

Hi Doug, as far as where we are - goodness me Doug look at the bloody map!! ;)

Okay, sorry for that. I am about a 5 hour drive north east of you. Often though you will get storms which will hit Kingston, but not Ottawa. The valley tends to funnel most of our weather from the northern lakes along the valley towards us then onto Montreal (ie if its raining in Ottawa and all is normal (prevailing Westerly) then Montreal will get hit soon after - it's in line with us).

Penny said...

I wonder if that is the case not big enough of a city, or maybe the spray and it does drift.
We get alot of wind cross border, I noticed the other day we actually had bit of smog here, I think it was thursday, with strong south western winds, which means it is coming from the US.

So if they were to spray chemtrails, would they spray south of us??

Magdelena said...

Hi Penny, I guess it would depend on the prevailing tendency of the winds. Are the majority of your winds from the south west, ie over the lake?

I've seen sat. shots which show the southern shores of both Erie and Ontario just covered with trails.

Penny said...

"Are the majority of your winds from the south west, ie over the lake?

Yup, in the spring , summer and into late fall, mostly south west winds.

nobody said...

Yeah, sorry Buff,

And yeah, generally in Oz the weather rolls in an arc coming up from the south and then east across the east coast. It's kind of like a windscreen wiper, if you can dig it.

Hmm... off to check chemtrails in Oz.

Doug Plumb said...

Maggie, what map ? What place should I be looking for - Ottawa ?

Two things about Chemtrails do not add up.

(1) the spraying of a capital city
(unless they have an antidote to give politicians for what they are breathing in - and if they said they did who among politicians would trust the drug companies ?)

(2) spraying in broad daylight. Why not do it at night ? If they had a policy of never doing it without cloud cover or always at night then its likely we would know as much about this as we do the underground cities.

According to Alex Jones, school textbooks are saying that the spraying is to save us from global warming. But who believes that anymore (see my latest post)?

Perhaps its to make us sick, but more than that - to make us fearful. Manage our expectations so that we will accept an evermore tyrannical government. I think it is both of these reasons.

Magdelena said...

Sorry Doug, I just meant look at a map to see where Ottawa is compared to TO.


Anyway, I agree there are things that simply don't add up wrt these 'chemtrails'. You mention two good points.

I think though, Doug, what bothers me the most is that no one in any official capacity will answer questions about this. Which, lends me to believe that we are being lied to, why not simply answer the questions? What are they hiding? It may be something completely benign - though it may not be.

Could be:

Weather modification/geo-engineering

Cloud seeding

Something to do with HAARP

Testing of where biological agents could drift in an attack

Or - could be spreading of disease or 'cure'. (population control?)

The problem is - they are there, they are certainly NOT natural, and NO ONE is talking.

The use of character assassination and ridicule adds wieght to the arguement that whatever it is they ARE doing is certainly NOT good for the average person (or animal or plant).

Doug Plumb said...

What are the best links on these ? Seen any good movies on these ? I haven't done much research on them.

I would really like to know why they don't do it under the cover of darkness. They are waving it in our faces.

BTW: I'm in Marmora Ont now. Small town. 30 mi E of Peterborough. 3500 people in two towns. (Marmora & Lake)

Its cheaper than TO.

Magdelena said...

Hi Doug, to your query about why they don't do it at night - I saw some night spraying in the summertime.

I tend to be a morning person and rise very early and am a busy girl throughout the day, so usually I'm not up in the middle of the night anymore (I am older now ya see ;) ), but I did have a great little party one night with some friends and we actually went outside around 1:00 am (I know I'm a REAL wildchild), well it was a full moon and there were trails threading throughout the sky.

I took some pics (yes I had consumed quite a bit of wine with the gals) but - sadly since I know nothing of exposure times, or actually how to use my camera they didn't turn out so great. I got a white dot surrounded in utter blackness. I will simply have to learn!

But yeah, I have seen them at night. If I could manage to stay awake past 9 or 10 o'clock, and drag my sorry ass outside, I'm sure I would have seen them more often.

It's too bad you're out of TO, I was planning a trip to see an old friend (of over 30 years!) and thought I'd look you up too!

Oh well, maybe on the drive home!

I don't know of any really good sites, Carnicorn is like the granddaddy of chemtrails, but I think he's a little off with things, there's also holmstead in Canada... They find some really odd stuff in the fallout of these things - mostly barium salts etc - very strange.

Something is going on, what I don't know for sure, but it smells like dead fish on the beach on a hot humid day.

nobody said...

What if it functions like fluoride in the water? Makes us all dopey and lethargic kind of thing? And whatever it is, let's not forget that everyone in the loop except for the top one or two could be given a lie as to what it's all about. There they are making themselves sick (and their families) and all the while thinking they're making themselves healthy, ha ha ha. It's not like they could tell the difference.

Ha! I just remembered the guy who came to spray our apartment and who said to me, 'Don't worry, it's not toxic'. I laughed my head off and said, 'Mate, if it's not toxic what are you doing here? There's no point spraying it if it isn't going to kill anything'. He mumbled something about it only being lethal to invertabrates and I said he could believe that if he wants to.

In that vein, and what fluoride only just being added to the water here, it wouldn't surprise me if everyone connected with the whole process actually believed all that shit about it being good for your teeth. Do you know what I mean?

Magdelena said...

I think you're onto something there Nobody, I do know what you mean.

Doug Plumb said...

I was feeling terrible yesterday and I hadn't taken my normal daily dosage of about an ounce of cayenne pepper mixed with water. (Immediately followed by a water chaser)

After that my lungs cleared right up in about 5 minutes and I felt much better the rest of the night.

No doubt the elites know the natural antidotes for these chem-trails. There are so many people with asthsma around and there must be some natural antitodes.

Maggie, visitors are always welcome here8-) Please stop by, I would really like to meet you. There isn't a restaurant so we could go sit in the coffee shop.